At Oxfam Books Petergate we have a loyalty card!


For any 6 fiction paperbacks purchased you get the 7th one for free!

Even more exciting: you can use your loyalty card in these 4 shops:

  • Oxfam Books, 69 Low Petergate, York
  • Oxfam Books, 46 Micklegate, York
  • Oxfam Books, 10 Toll Gavel, Beverley
  • Oxfam Books, 43 Oxford Street, Harrogate

The following terms and conditions are attached to all cards and apply in all branches:

  1. The offer is available ONLY in the shops listed above.
  2. One stamp will be issued per fiction paperback book purchased.
  3. You must present the card for stamping at the time of purchase as stamps will not be given at a later date, even if receipts are produced.
  4. A full stamp card will entitle you to a free fiction paperback.
  5. In order to collect your free book, you must complete the stamp card with 6 stamps and present this at the till BEFORE you present the book you want to get for free. Stamps from two or more separate cards can be combined. However, all cards must be surrendered to the cashier in exchange for the free book.
  6. Photocopied, altered or defaced stamp cards will not be accepted. It will be down to the manager’s discretion to decide at what point a loyalty card becomes unacceptable.
  7. This stamp card cannot be exchanged for anything other than a fiction paperback book.