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Zero waste zero fuss – 10 ways to reduce your waste

2018 has been all about reducing our waste and we’ve got just the thing for you to get involved too!

Our reusable cups are finally back in stock, all at £8.99! Oxfam have also started selling our plastics bags for 10p instead of 5p all in the bid to cut down on plastic waste!

We’ve also come up with 5 ways that you can  help reduce your waste:

  1. Carry a reusable water bottle/coffee cup – you can pick up one of our coffee cups for less than a tenner
    IMG_0345 (1).jpg
  2. Carry a fold-up reusable bag or tote bag for shopping – we have a range starting from £3.99
  3. Say no to single use plastic cutlery
  4. Say no to single use plastic straws
  5. Use eco-friendly cleaning products – we sell toilet roll, washing-up liquid, hand wash and laundry liquid with prices starting as low as £2.19
  6. Make a meal plan – the average UK family throws away 24 meals a month
  7. Shop more in charity shops – you can find everything from books to furniture
  8. Think before you throw – check whether rubbish can be recycled either at home or at a recycling bank
  9. Compost your food waste!
  10.  DONATE! You can donate your unwanted books, toys, clothes, DVDs, games, wedding dresses, mobile phones, soft furnishings and homeware!

To find out more about what you can donate check out the Oxfam website and to find out where you can donate check out our donation page here on the blog!



Good books & sunshine!

It’s bank holiday weekend and the sun is shining – a.k.a the perfect time to get out in the garden with a book! We’ve been scouring our shelves for the perfect reads for sunny days and we’ve managed to narrow it down some of our top picks!

  1. Hidden Talents, Erica James
    Join Dulcie Ballantyne and her creative writers’ group and read along as they’re writing skills and friendships develop.
  2. Can We Still Be friends, Alexandra Shulman
    Summer of 1983 and best friends have left university to embark on adulthood. Three very different girls with very different paths ahead.
  3. Crosstalk, Connie Willis
    Join Briddey Flannigan in this rom-com meets sci-fi as realises that love – and communication – are far more complicated than she ever imagined.


  4.  On the Road to Mr. Right, Belinda Jones
    Join Belinda and her best friend Emily on a journey of revelations and surprises, of cactus kisses and errant snowploughs, but above all it’s a journey in search of love
  5. Cocktails for Three, Madeleine Wickham (Sophie Kinsella)
    At the first of every month, when the office has reached its pinnacle of hysteria, Maggie, Roxanne, and Candice meet at London’s swankiest bar for an evening of cocktails and gossip.
  6. Sunset, Celia Brayfield
    Placido’s Beach Bar, the ultimate beach bar – although there is no beach at the end of the bay and few let their dreams bring them to this one-boat fishing village


  7.  Second Chance, Jane Green
    A warm, witty, and wise story of friendship, of family, and of life coming full circle.
  8.  The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic, Sophie Kinsella
    Becky Bloomwood has a fabulous flat in London’s trendiest neighbourhood, a troupe of glamorous socialite friends, and a closet brimming with the season’s must-haves. The only trouble is, she can’t actually afford it—not any of it.
  9. Shopaholic Ties the Knot, Sophie Kinsella
    Becky’s back – she’s the best personal shopper at Barneys, she and her successful entrepreneurial boyfriend, Luke, are living happily in Manhattan’s West Village, and her new next-door neighbour is a fashion designer but can everyone’s favourite shopaholic tie the knot before everything unravels?


  10.  Artichoke Hearts, Sita Brahmachari
    Twelve-year-old Mira comes from a chaotic, artistic and outspoken family where it’s not always easy to be heard.

We’ve got a little something for everyone – a bit of classic chick lit, some sci-fi and some teen fiction! Pop on over and see if you can spot any more books perfect to sit in the garden with!


Seriously good chocolate

You may know by now that we’re big chocolate lovers here at Oxfam Books Petergate and we’re big believers that books and chocolate go hand in hand!

Starting on Wednesday 2nd May until the 29th May Divine chocolate bars are 2 for £3.50* – on any combination! You can pick up 2 bars of your favourite or maybe even try something new?


From Deliciously Dark Smooth Hazelnut to Creamy White with Strawberries there’s plenty to choose from, so make you grab some chocolate to go alongside a new book!


…How divine

* Any combination of Divine Chocolate 90g or 100g bars. Offer is subject to availability and excludes previously reduced items.



Avengers Infinity War

It’s the movie everybody and their dog is talking about, the superhero movie of the year  – Avengers Infinity War!


All of us here can’t contain our excitement, whether we’ve seen it or not! We’re very proud of our huge range of comics we have both in store and online and we’ve been adding to our Marvel display since Infinity War came out!


Maybe you need to refresh your memory on all the characters or are just eager for some more superhero action pay us a visit! We’re open 7 days a week and our online store is open 24/7!

And remember #ThanosDemandsYourSilence


Exploring the Antarctic

Ever wanted to explore the Antarctic like British Royal Navy officer and explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott? How about exploring the Antarctic from the comfort of your bed?

…Well with our new window display you can do just that!

We’ve been so intrigued by the scientists at the Natural History who have revisited Scott’s findings in order to compare his samples to some more recent ones, doing so has provided some new insights into climate change, since Scott and his crew returned home since over a hundred years ago!

During its three-year voyage, Captain Scott and his team discovered more than 500 new marine animals including types of shrimp, star and shellfish and mapped hundreds of miles of unknown coastline.










With these books you don’t have to face the brisk cold of the Antarctic, just pop in store and curl up at home with your new book(s) and a nice cup of tea!

Calling all Beatles fans!

We’ve given our window a fresh new look and themed it all around The Beatles!

Perhaps you’re a life long fan and can remember singing your heart out to All You Need is Love in 1967? Perhaps your childhood memories are of your parents playing their music or perhaps you’re just interested in how four guys from Liverpool seemed to take over the world, why not pop round and see if anything catches your eye!






To celebrate the band here are 10 fun facts you may or may not know about John, Paul, George and Ringo:

  1. The Beatles held the top 5 slots of the Billboard Hot 100 in the week ending April 4th 1964, as well as 7 other positions lower down the chart.
  2. In the UK, The Beatles have topped the charts with fifteen different albums,
  3.  and in America, 20 singles have topped the Billboard Hot 100 and 19 albums that made No.1 in the Billboard album charts.
  4. A Hard Day’s Night is the first album entirely written by the Beatles – all thirteen tracks are by Lennon & McCartney.
  5. It took 129 days and 400 hours of studio time to record and complete Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  6. Among the people who sing backing vocals on All You Need Is Love are Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Marianne Faithfull, Jane Asher, Mike McCartney, Pattie Harrison, Eric Clapton, Graham Nash, Keith Moon, Hunter Davies, and Gary Leeds of the Walker Brothers.
  7. As of 2012, the Beatles have sold over 2 billion albums!
  8. The Beatles have spent a record 1,278 weeks on the Billboard chart.
  9. David Bowie’s mega-hit Fame was written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon.
  10. Of all The Beatles albums released in the UK in the 1960’s A Hard Day’s Night is the only one not to feature a vocal from Ringo.
John, Paul, George and Ringo supported Oxfam’s Hunger Million Campaign in 1963, at the height of Beatlemania. Photo by: Press Association

Now you’ve refreshed (or learnt) your Beatles knowledge come and pay us a visit – we’ve got books by, about and for The Beatles fans as well as a few CDs for you to choose from!


We Love Vintage Book Covers

Every now and again we’ll discover some gems when going through our donations, including vintage books with some fun and pretty covers!

Rather than displaying them with our other vintage books we thought we’d show them  off in all their glory with their own display where our customers can  properly see them!


We’ve got a range of different genres and authors to explore, we’ve even got a signed book!


Make sure you pop in and have a look at our new display of old books!


The York Chocolate Festival

What’s the perfect treat to go alongside a good book? For us we’re always reaching for a cup of tea and some chocolate, so the York Chocolate Festival sounds just perfect!

The city of York has had a long history when it comes to confectionery and chocolate, back in 1781 the city boasted 8 confectioners for its 17,000 inhabitants and today the Nestlé Chocolate Factory still produces millions of Kit Kat’s a day! On a hot day you can even smell the chocolate been made – it’s enough to make your mouth water!


“Why can no one here think of anything but chocolates?”
― Joanne Harris, Chocolat

As well being the home Nestlé, York was once the home of Rowntree’s, Terry’s and Craven’s, yes the beloved Terry’s Chocolate Orange once spent its day in the heart of the city!
Here at Oxfam Petergate we’ve decided to get involved in the celebration of all things chocolate and celebrate by combining our favourite sweet treat with some sweet literature! From recipe books to Joanne Harris’ classic Chocolat and to Roald Dahl’s beloved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory we’ve got something for everyone!

“In the town itself, actually within sight of the house in which Charlie lived, there was an ENORMOUS CHOCOLATE FACTORY! Just imagine that!
― Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Pop over and see our Willy Wonka inspired window and from Thursday 29th March to Monday 2nd April 2018 take a quick walk over to Parliament Street where there will be chocolate making and market stall offering a array of chocolatey treats!

The York Chocolate Festival (2)

Sports Relief

This year Oxfam is partnered with Sports Relief!


Sports Relief raises money for critical issues affecting people in the UK and across the world. These issues include malaria, mental health and maternal health. Sports Relief aims to get people raising money through being active in whichever way that person chooses be it cycling, swimming, walking or anything else they decide! Oxfam is selling official Sports Relief wristbands for £1. You can get one in store today! sport relief

Watch Sport Relief on BBC One this Friday! (23rd March 2018)


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