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Superhero films have seen such a rise in popularity over the past few years and with so many new and exciting films to see in 2018 it’s hard not to feel spoilt for choice!

There’s Marvel’s Black Panther film in February and Avengers: Infinity War in May, the latest film in the Avengers series! Or maybe you’re more of a DC fan and the Aquaman film set to release in December has caught your interest?



Whoever and whatever you’re a fan of why not pop into store and get your superhero fix before you see the films with our growing collection of comic books – from Marvel to DC as well as more independent comics we’ve got something for everyone, from superheroes to Star Wars!



You can find all our comic books in stand in the middle of the shop floor at our Low Petergate shop!


Have a clear out and help beat poverty


The beginning of a New Year is a fantastic time to have a good clear out.  Filled with the enthusiasm a New Year can bring, it can be very uplifting to rid yourself of things which you have maybe hung on to for longer than necessary.

We often set ourselves goals at this time of year, so why not tackle that forgotten bookshelf that has been gathering dust, or that box of books you brought home from University but haven’t found space for.

Holding on to things can make us feel low.  Equally, letting things go can be extremely uplifting!  Whether your a striving for a minimalist lifestyle, feel bad for not quite getting round to reading those books you were given for Christmas three years ago, or just want to make room for new things (and my ‘things’ we mean books!), a clear out is the perfect way to start 2018.


So you have sorted.  You have purged your collection, and have bravely gathered the books which you are going to let go.

Now what?

books wanted poster

Well, one option would be to donate your surplus books to your local Oxfam Book Shop or charity shop?  Oxfam shops are run by volunteers who use their skills and interests to price and display books to the highest standard, to ensure that Oxfam raises as much money to beat poverty as possible.  You could also sign up to Gift Aid, and download the My Oxfam app to be kept up to date with how much money your items have raised!

A fantastic way to start 2018, and it also helps Oxfam with our goals too; tackling extreme poverty.

Oxfam Books Petergate in York are currently looking for the following donations:

  • Classic Literature
  • Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror
  • Philosophy
  • Modern Fiction
  • History
  • Classical and Jazz CDs

Feel free to drop your donations with us at 69 Low Petergate, York YO1 7HY, or give us a ring on 01904 652749 if we can be of further assistance.

Bring on the New Year and Volunteer

The New Year brings a fresh start and with the 1st January landing on a Monday, 2018 already feels more like a clean slate! Maybe you’ve already got your 2018 goals jotted down – read more books, get a new hobby, be healthier, have a big clear out and donate to a charity.  Perhaps you’ve been toying  with the idea of getting involved in volunteering?

goals for 2018 new year blog post

Perhaps you’re a student looking for something to do in between lectures, or maybe you’re looking for something that will get you out of the house once or twice a week and meeting a range of new and different people. Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to give your CV that little extra boost. Whatever your reasons, volunteering for a charity like Oxfam not only are you having the chance to keep you busy, allowing you to meet new people in a friendly environment but you are also helping to bring us closer to ending poverty!

If you’re interested, visit our Volunteering Page to find out about vacancies at Oxfam Books Petergate.  Alternatively pop in to your local Oxfam Shop to find out about volunteering there.


Feed a Family – 12th Day of Oxmas

On the final day of Oxmas, we’re sharing one of our Oxfam Unwrapped gifts.

By this time you’ve probably bought most of the trappings of your Christmas dinner, the mince pies are all bought, the sprouts in the fridge, and some chocolate coins on standby to stash in a stocking in a few days time. What this gift would allow you to do is not only feed your own family this Christmas, but also feed a family during a time of crisis.


For just £8 – a fraction of what most families will spend on food for the big day – your money will not only get a thoughtful last-minute gift for a loved one, but also pay for a food basket in a time of scarcity or upheaval for a family.



You can purchase this gift in our Low Petergate shop in York, or online here.

12 Days of Oxmas

Elfenroads – 11th Day of Oxmas

For our penultimate day of Oxmas we’ve picked Elfenroads!

In Elfenroads, players attempt to travel from city to city on the map using the resources of cards, gold, and transportation chits. The player best able to juggle the three resources and visit the most cities by game’s end wins. Elfenroads is three games in one; Elfenland, Elfengold and Elfensea!


It is a fun game but requires some strategic thinking and it isn’t easy but if you win it is very rewarding! You can play this game with family and/or friends and have lots of fun! It is in like new condition and is still in its cellophane wrapper!

Find it here!



Hot Chocolate Spoons – 10th Day of Oxmas

We’re nearly at the end of the 12 Days of Oxmas, so today we’re featuring a great last-minute stocking stuffer – hot chocolate spoons!


This gift set comes with a white, milk, and dark chocolate spoon, handcrafted in the UK in West Sussex. They’re organic and fairtrade, and are perfect for warming up a cold day.

To use, you simply put the spoon into a mug of hot milk, and stir until all the chocolate has melted into the milk. Perfect for chocolate lovers of any age, you can pick up this gift in store or on Oxfam’s online shop.HN501827_01.jpg

12 Days of Oxmas

Comics – 9th Day of Oxmas

For the 9th day of Oxmas we’ve selected comics!

Do you have an avid Marvel, DC, Judge Dredd or 2000AD fan in your family? If so we have a large selection of comics in our Low Petergate shop including all these for you to gift them! Even if you don’t know someone who’s into this stuff a comic is still a very interesting and entertaining thing to give!


We have Marvel, DC/Vertigo, 2000AD, Image and Indie sections that all have a large amount of comics in them that are constantly being added to with new donations! You can find things like; The Avengers, Spider-Man, Teen Titans, Fantastic Four, Star Wars, Batman.


Find them all in stand in the middle of the shop floor at our Low Petergate shop.


OneDice Universal – 8th Day of Oxmas

Although still a book, we’ve gone for something a little different for our 8th day of Oxmas – a OnceDice Universal RPG guide. Designed as a system to fit any genre, OneDice is a tabletop role playing game where you can be anything from an axe-weilding barbarian to a crime-fighting superhero using quick and easily adaptable rules and fighting systems.

This would make a great gift for someone you already know who’s interested in tabletop RPGs or board games, or even for someone who has been meaning to dip into them but doesn’t know where to start.









You can get your hands on this copy of the OneDice Universal guide through our shop website here, a steal at just £10!


Mulled Wine Mix – 7th Day of Oxmas

The 7th thing we’re bringing you this Oxmas is a bag of fairtrade and organic mulled wine mix!


Made in North Yorkshire by Steenbergs Organic, this mix allows you to transform a bottle of red wine into a lovely festive treat. Simply add the wine and mix to a pan and slowly heat, then serve in a mug and enjoy. With the tartan gift bag it makes the perfect stocking filler, or even just as a treat for yourself when you’re wrapping gifts for everyone else.


You can buy this mix in store or on the Oxfam online shop here.


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