On Poetry

Today (Thursday 8th October 2015) marks the 21st birthday of National Poetry Day. Now, there a lot of these national days floating around at the moment  – National Badger Day (6th October);  National Higher Education Day (6th June); and even National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day (3rd January). But National Poetry Day is one to pay… More On Poetry

Refugees Welcome

The current refugee crisis is devastating and almost unprecedented, with the number of refugees seeking asylum in Europe fast approaching a figure not seen since 1992, when conflict in the Balkans drove refugees to Western Europe. As this international humanitarian crisis escalates further, however, citizens across Europe are proving just how compassionate humanity can be.… More Refugees Welcome

What makes books great?

This post was inspired by Leena Norms on YouTube – Booktuber extraordinaire. Watch her video on what constitutes a great book here. — Books are versatile little creatures that mean different things to different people. For some, they are comfort; for others, joy; and for others still they about education. Ten different people can pick… More What makes books great?

“Happiness is a Cup of Coffee and a Good Book”

Earlier this year, Oxfam Books, Petergate, launched a loyalty card scheme, applying to fiction paperbacks purchased from the Oxfam shop on Low Petergate and entitling customers to a free paperback book for every six that they buy. Following the success of this scheme, the loyalty cards will now be rolled out across three more bookshops… More “Happiness is a Cup of Coffee and a Good Book”

The Nepal Earthquake and how you can help

In light of recent events regarding the devastating Nepal earthquake, it is necessary to highlight the emergency response played by Oxfam. Such disasters, despite any methods that may be undertaken, cannot be fully prevented. There will always be some level of damage whether it is structurally or physically; it will affect people’s lives. Therefore with… More The Nepal Earthquake and how you can help

Book of the Week: Beckett Remembering Remembering Beckett

In anticipation of St Patrick’s Day on Tuesday 17th March, we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate one of our favourite Irish writers, Samuel Beckett. Widely regarded as one of the most important writers of the 20th Century, Beckett was a novelist, playwright, theatre director and poet whose work fits in to what Marin Esslin… More Book of the Week: Beckett Remembering Remembering Beckett