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25% Off Cafédirect


From today until the 12th of September Oxfam is offering 25% off Cafédirect coffee! Cafédirect was the first ever coffee brand in the UK to carry the Fairtrade mark. When buying Cafédirect coffee you will be helping Oxfam and farmers from 14 different countries.


Come into our store today to buy your coffee and help Oxfam!

4 Reasons to Donate Your Books

Are your bookshelves bursting with no room for new reads? Have you had a spring clean and have a pile of books you no longer want? Maybe some Christmas gifts missed the spot and it’s time to move them onto a new home?

If the above describes your situation, you should consider donating your books to Oxfam! And here’s 4 reasons why…

  1. End poverty!

When you donate a book to us and we sell it on, the money we make from that sale goes towards helping our battle against global poverty. In the last 15 years, extreme poverty has been halved. With the help of your donations, we can work towards ending it for good.110316_1219_howtochange7

  1. Spread the joy of reading

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, which is especially true of books. If you haven’t enjoyed a book it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. By donating your books to us, we can make sure that someone who will give them a new home finds them. We can even put it on our online shop where anyone across the entire world can order shop.png

  1. It’s environmentally friendly

Donating books to us gives other people the opportunity to discover a book they love that hasn’t cost more trees. Plus, if we can’t find a book a new home, we move it on to specialist book recyclers so that it doesn’t just end up on a landfill site. 156695-131-ff89c9fa

  1. Clear up space on your shelves!

Once you’ve donated your books to us, there’s going to be some space on your bookshelves waiting to be filled! We have loads of high quality secondhand books in our shop waiting to inject new life into your bookshelves. Basically, you can kill two birds with one stone – come in and give us your old books, and take home some new ones to fill the gaps!shop.jpg

Oxfam currently makes £1.6 million a month in donated book sales but we want to do better! You can donate your unwanted books by coming into the shop and having a chat with one of our volunteers (you might even find your next read whilst you’re at it!) or by dropping your books off at the book bin in Sainsbury’s car park on Foss Island. If you have a particularly large amount of books, you can even phone us up on 01904 652749 and we can arrange a time to come and collect them.

Don’t forget you can gift aid your donations to help Oxfam even more than you are already!oxfam-gift-aid-2

This post was written by our volunteer Zoë, who also runs the book blog Readabilitea – go check that out too!


Thank You, Teacher

School’s, almost, out for summer! Looking for the perfect charity gift to thank a top teacher? Oxfam has the answer. We have chocolate, calendars, planners as well as other perfect gifts.


A great idea is to give your teacher one of our Unwrapped Gifts. These unique charity gifts offer the chance for you to, for example, provide an education to a child or get a girl into education.ou9005in_02

Come in store to find these brilliant teacher gifts or buy them online here


Children’s Books

If you’ve visited our shop lately you will have noticed our new signage for the children’s books section.  We enlisted the help of some creative children from Phoenix Under 5’s Preschool, as well as some of their older siblings, who attend Park Grove Primary Academy, in York.


20170712_133516.jpgWe wanted something bold and bright for our children’s section and they didn’t disappoint.  You may spot that there are a few letters which refer to popular children’s books too.

Our children’s section is stocked with a range of books for children of all ages.  From books suitable for preschool age, right up to Young Adult Fiction.

There is also an array of non-fiction books to browse through.  We have a table and chairs for younger readers to use, and you can colour your very own parrot for our display too if you wish.





Thank you to all the children who helped make our children’s section look so fantastic!

Oxfam’s Summer Treasure Hunt is here!

July has arrived and we are hopeful that summer is here to stay!  To celebrate, we have launched Oxfam’s Summer Treasure Hunt.


We have a fantastic selection of children’s books in our Petergate shop, and for a limited time, younger readers may be able to take away one of our activity packs, which includes colouring and puzzles to keep them busy this summer.


While you’re here, why not see if there are any treasures lurking on the children’s shelves to entertain tiny travellers on long car journeys.

As for older children and teenagers, we have a fantastic array of titles for 9-12 year old as well as fiction for Young Adult readers.  Our selection is forever evolving, so keep popping in to see what new treasure there is to discover.



You may also spot a few familiar faces ‘flying in’ to our shop window display, so keep your eyes peeled.


Shop with us online (and avoid the rain!)

Anybody can do anythingWell the British Summertime seems to have dwindled somewhat, and the brollies are back out in force.  If the wet weather is putting you off venturing into the centre of York to visit our shop, why not have a browse online to see if there are any gems which can be sent directly to your door.

We have a range of items available online, including this burst of positivity entitled “Anybody can do anything” by Betty MacDonald.  Set during the Great Depression, this is a lighthearted and at times hysterical story about attempting, and often failing, to find work to support her two young daughters.

This particular book is one of many available through our online store at Abe Books.


We also have books, as well as retro games and graphic novels available from our Oxfam Online shop.  So if you’re ready to take on the world, or feeling somewhat dazed and confused there is almost definitely something to suit your mood.

However, if you do fancy a wander into York, and find that the weather is less than favourable, do pop in to see us on Low Petergate.  As well as fantastic books, and wonderful volunteers, we also sell Oxfam umbrellas!

Introducing Mark

We were lucky enough to talk with Mark about his experiences as a Volunteer Shop Assistant.


What does being a volunteer at Oxfam mean to you?

Working positively as a team to help ease world poverty.

What is the most enjoyable part of working at Oxfam Books Petergate?

Interaction with colleagues and customers.

What surprised you most when you became a volunteer with Oxfam?

The quality of the donations.

How would you describe your Volunteer role at Oxfam in one sentence?

Varies, interesting, purposeful, interactive.

Introducing Kate


Kate works as a lawyer by day, and helps us out as a Volunteer Shop Assistant in her free time. Think you could do what Kate does? We’re always looking for new volunteers!

What does being a volunteer at Oxfam mean to you?

Working with books is something I’ve wanted to do since I was an enthusiastic member of the Puffin Club… And the slightly smug factor of doing good.

What is the most enjoyable part of working at Oxfam Books Petergate?

Finding new authors, new titles (i.e. ones I haven’t read) and helping customers explore the shop.

How would you describe your Volunteer role at Oxfam in one sentence?

Great time out from my employed work (I’m a lawyer – legal aid – and it’s knackering).



Introducing Sam


Sam works with us as a Volunteer Online Sales Assistant, and was kind enough to chat with us for a bit.

What does being a volunteer at Oxfam mean to you?

Working for a group and with people I like, doing work I enjoy and have an active interest in.

What is the most enjoyable part of working at Oxfam Books Petergate?

Expanding my reading horizons with new authors and series, gaining new knowledge and insight from what I read and what I do in my role.

What surprised you most when you became a volunteer with Oxfam?

How small things can change the value of a book; a certain edition, illustrator or special collection edition can be worth much more than another copy of the same work.

How would you describe your Volunteer role at Oxfam in one sentence?

Fun, interesting and enjoyable working online for Oxfam.

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