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Vintage Children’s Book Stack – 6th Day of Oxmas

For the 6th day of Oxmas, we’re sharing a Vintage Children’s Book Stack from our online store!


We’ve already talked a little bit about these book stacks when we made one online book of the week last month, but this one works so well as a gift idea we’ve decided to share it again!


Made from books that are either damaged or unsuitable for reading, this stack of classic children’s books would be a great decoration for a childs bedroom, a bookend, or just a way to add a little vintage charm to a livingroom or bookshelf.


You can buy this book stack (and others in different colour schemes and themes) from our online store for just £19.99!



Pile of Poo – 5th Day of Oxmas

On the 5th day of Oxmas we’ve chosen an Oxfam Unwrapped gift!

We all know that smellies are a staple gift at christmas and this Oxfam unwrapped gift keeps to that tradition, but in a slightly different way.  These smellies are literally piles of poo.


This isn’t just your common pile of poo, it’s the ideal mix of manure, organic fertiliser and training in eco-friendly farming techniques that can help a family super-size their crops. This pile of poo is unlike any other; it could help a family in poverty to put food on the table and earn a living.


You can get them for £10 in our Low Petergate shop or between £10 – £30 on the Oxfam website. This charity gift would make an awesome present for someone this Christmas!


Specter of the Past – 3rd Day of Oxmas

We’re looking to our AbeBooks store today to find something for our 3rd day of Oxmas, and with The Last Jedi coming out later this month, a Star Wars novel might be the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan in your life.

Hugo Award-winning author Timothy Zahn makes his triumphant return to the Star Wars universe in this first of an epic new two-volume series in which the New Republic must face its most dangerous enemy yet–a dead Imperial warlord.

The Empire stands at the brink of total collapse. But they have saved their most heinous plan for last. First a plot is hatched that could destroy the New Republic in a bloodbath of genocide and civil war. Then comes the shocking news that Grand Admiral Thrawn–the most cunning and ruthless warlord in history–has apparently returned from the dead to lead the Empire to a long-prophesied victory. Facing incredible odds, Han and Leia begin a desperate race against time to prevent the New Republic from unraveling in the face of two inexplicable threats–one from within and one from without. Meanwhile, Luke teams up with Mara Jade, using the Force to track down a mysterious pirate ship with a crew of clones. Yet, perhaps most dangerous of all, are those who lurk in the shadows, orchestrating a dark plan that will turn the New Republic and the Empire into their playthings.


This is the first in the Hand of Thrawn series, and could be a great entry point into the Star Wars novels for a fan of any age.

Find it here.




Online Book of the Week: Build Your Own Website by Nate Cooper


Part comic, part how-to guide, Build Your Own Website by Nate Cooper (with art by Kim Gee) is a painless guide to HTML, CSS and WordPress, giving you all the tools you need to create a website.


You can follow along with the comic as it introduces you to Tofu the dog, the Web Guru and Glinda, the Good Witch of CSS. This book would be a great gift for the tech nerd in your life, or perfect if you’re making your own website for a blog or as a shop front for your business.


You can buy Build Your Own Website from our online store here for just £4.99!


Online Book of the Week: Disobedient Objects

Our online book of the week this week comes in the form of an exhibition catalogue of the 2014 Diobedient Objects exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The exhibition mainly explored the use of objects in movements for social change, and how the ingenuity and creativity of political activists transformed objects into powerful tools for protest and progress.

As well as adapted every day objects, items from grassroots groups from across the world were displayed, such as banners, defaced curancy, political games, designs for barricades and protest artworks.

The focus lies on objects from the 1980s to present day, with all protests around the world still in recent living memory and covering protests over issues which are still ongoing today.


This exhibition catalogue can be found and is available to buy through our website here.

Online Book of the Week: Decorative Vintage Book Stack

For this week’s online book of the week, we’ve chosen something a little different – although still a book, our decorative book stacks are purely for looking rather than reading.


We try our best to give the donated books a new lease of life on someone else’s bookshelves, but unfortunately some are not always suitable for this due to wear and tear or pages being missing. That’s the case with these books – although their contents might not be perfect, they’re still lovely in the way that all vintage hardbacks are.


Colour co-ordinated and tied with a ribbon, these stacks could act as bookends, a table centrepiece, or just a way to add a splash of colour and vintage charm to a room.


You can order this stack for just £19.99 from our website, and keep checking for new colours and themes!

Online Book of the Week: Gay Fairy & Folk Tales

This week’s online book of the week is Gay Fairy & Folk Tales by Peter Cashorali. A follow up collection from the author’s first fairy tale book, this is a collection of fairy tale re-tellings, in a world where the love between two men has always been normal, but with the thirteen short stories exploring issues relevant to the contemporary gay man such as beauty, care-giving, mortality and the HIV crisis, grief, and self-identity.

The stories draw on sources from traditional western fairy tales by Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm, as well as exploring folklore from across the world under an LGBT lens. Published in 1997 the issues explored in this book encapsulate a moment in a community’s history in a whimsical but thoughtful manner.

Gay Fairy & Folk Tales is available through our online store at AbeBooks for £25.

Book Signing with C.L. Spillard – Saturday 28th October

C.L. Spillard will be signing copies of her debut novel ‘The Price of Time’ in our store on Saturday 28th October! It will run from 10am to 2pm.

‘The Price of Time’ is a surreal fantasy set in York in a world which parallels – but reflects – our own. ‘Some people have a guardian angel. Some aren’t so lucky. What if you discovered that for decades you’d been stalked by a guardian devil?’ 


C.L.Spillard’s short stories have appeared in Mad Scientist Journal, Daggerville Games ‘Hall of Fame’ and the forthcoming anthology ‘Steampunk Universe’.

Money made from this signing will be donated to Oxfam! Find the facebook event page here.

Celebrating World Food Day

Every year on the 16th October, every member state of the UN celebrates World Food Day. The aim is to raise awareness of the global hunger crisis and to raise money for aid, as 1 in 8 people (842 million in total) suffer from chronic hunger.

Oxfam is dedicated to ending extreme poverty and world hunger, so although there are many ways you could raise money on world food day, you always have the option of browsing through our selection of cookbooks online or in store to find something you can buy to support the cause.


Palestine on a Plate

palestine on a plate.jpg

We’ve already mentioned this excellent Palestinian cookbook on the blog, but if you missed it, Palestine on a Plate is Joudie Kalla’s ode to traditional middle-eastern cooking, full of healthy, colourful recipes and stunning food photography, printed on ethically sourced paper.


Living Food

living food

Daphne Lambert’s Living Food is not just a cookbook, but a guide to living and eating with the changing seasons, with simple, healthy recipes designed to put you back in with mother nature’s rhythm. Eating more seasonally means a healthier body and healthier planet, plus it reduces the carbon footprint of your food and means the ingredients you use will be cheaper and tastier.


The World’s Best Spicy Food 

spicey food.jpg

A new book from Lonely Planet Food, this book contains recipes for tasty and spicy dishes from around the world. Each recipe comes with a breakdown of the cultural background of each food, the history and uses of the ingredients, as well as beautiful illustrations to accompany each one.




A cookbook and memoir rolled into one, Handmade brings together the stories of 34 Sri Lankan women before, through, and after war through recipes and food. With a story and exquisite photography accompanying each recipe, this book brings hope to the reader and nourishment of the body and soul.


And if none of these take your fancy, we always have a great rotation of second-hand cookery books in store, where you can grab yourself a bargain and learn how to feed yourself as well as your money going to help feed somebody else.

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