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Volunteer Open Day 4th October

On Wednesday 4th October, the York Oxfam shops are hosting volunteer open days! What this means is that between 10am-2pm there will be a change to look around the shops, meet the current volunteers, find out about the different roles you can take on at Oxfam (plus get your hands on some free food!).

There’s no need to book, just show up on the day and have a chat to some of our current volunteers. This event is happening at our shop at 69 Low Petergate, as well as at 46 Micklegate and 7 Goodramgate. If you’ve ever considered volunteering or just want to know what goes on behind the scenes, this is the day to get some questions asked in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

If you want to read a bit more about volunteering now, we have a series of posts on the blog from National Volunteers week where you can read a bit more about other people’s experiences and the different roles we have to offer.


Online Book of the Week: The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien, 2nd Edition

This week’s online book of the week is something really exciting: a second edition of Tolkien’s legendary The Hobbit. This book was originally published in 1937, where it quickly became a runaway success and was awarded the Carnegie Medal and a prize from the New York Herald Tribune.


Due to the success of The Hobbit, Tolkien was pressed to write a sequel, and so the Lord of the Rings trilogy was conceived. As The Hobbit was set before this trilogy, the second edition contains some small but significant changes to the first, so as the two stories would more closely link together, and gave Tolkien the opportunity to refine his presentation of Middle Earth.


Since its first publication, The Hobbit has never gone out of print. It has been adapted for stage, screen and radio multiple times, and has been translated into 59 languages. It is an extremely well loved novel of people of all ages, and this edition is no exception.

Hobbit 2.png

A previous owner has written the names of Biblo and his travelling companions using dynotape on one of the blank pages, showing how well-loved this book has been.

You can buy this copy of The Hobbit from our online shop here.

Remember A Charity in Your Will Week

This week has been Remember A Charity in Your Will Week, a week where many organisations work together to raise awareness for this way to donate.

Despite the fact that around 25% of Britons donate to charity regularly during their lives, only 7% donate something to charity in their will.

This year, the focus of #rememberacharity is to ‘have your say on the world you want to pass on’. Giving to charity in your will is a little known but vital way that charities can fund their operations, and without such donations many charities today may not have existed at all.

Here at Oxfam, our aim is to fight poverty and its causes across the world. As well as giving emergency aid during disasters, we also create lasting solutions to injustice in over 90 countries. We tackle global warming, healthcare, gender equality, and world hunger, meaning that a donation to Oxfam will have a wide reach, and help to build a better world with lasting impact.

If you want to know more about donating to a charity in your will, or want to hear about our free will-writing offer, there’s plenty of information on the Oxfam website.


In-Store Spotlight: Henry James

If you’ve visited our store over the last few weeks, you may have noticed our display dedicated to American author, Henry James.


Henry James (1843-1916) relocated to Europe as a young man, achieving British Citizenship in 1915, one year before his death. Many of his novels deal with the social interplay between Americans, Brits, and central European characters, in novels such as The Portrait of A Lady, The Ambassadors, and The Wings of the Dove. James was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature three times, in 1911, 1912, and 1916.


As well as some beautiful leather-bound and early hardcover editions perfect for any collectors shelves, we also have many paperback editions of James’ work, perfect for dipping your toe into his engaging and exciting novels.


You may have also heard radio play adaptations of some of James’ more famous works this summer on BBC Radio 4, showing how much his novels are still relevant and talked about today.

We’re also currently looking for more donations of classic literature in store – find out more here.

Online Book of the Week: Marville Paris by Marie De Thezy

This week’s book  of the week is Marville Paris by Marie De Thezy.

This collection of photography from nineteenth century photographer Charles Marville in the original French documents the transformation of the city under the rule of Emperor Napoleon III.


In his early career, Marville was an illustrator for magazines and books, but during the 1850s he took up photography professionally instead. Although he photographed the monuments and landscapes of cities across Germany and Italy, his photographs of Paris were his most highly acclaimed.


Marville was soon hired by the crown as the official photographer of the city, and his images show the hugely modernised Paris set against the desolate outskirts, with monuments, architecture, and urban landscapes featuring heavily.


This book reveals a city that has long since disappeared under town planning efforts in a stunningly detailed paperback.

You can find it on our AbeBooks page here for just £45.

Donations Needed!


Although we love getting any donations at Oxfam Books, there are a few sections where we are running a little low. Here are a few kinds of books we’d love to receive:


Social Sciences


Whether it’s politics, anthropology, or sociology we’ll take them all off your hands and into the arms of our Social Sciences section.

Classic Literature


Did you struggle your way through the first hundred pages of Infinite Jest or felt like flinging Wuthering Heights against the wall? Fling them at our shop instead, and we can find your classics a home on a new bookshelf.




Got an obsession with Ancient Egypt or had a brief fling with Tudor history? Come in to donate your old volumes, and possible find a new time period to escape into in store.




As you can see we’re swimming in Shakespeare, but we also can appreciate piles of Pinter, bags of Beckett, and don’t mind wading through a bit of Wilde.



You won’t need to ponder the ethics of donating your old philosophy books to charity – it’s all to a good cause!




Don’t tie yourself in knots trying to think of a crafty way to get rid of your old books on knitting, donate them instead, and inspire someone else to take up a new hobby.

Online Book of the Week: Captain Britain Annual 1978

This week’s Online Book of the Week goes to the superhero Captain Britain!

Captain Britain 3


Marvel UK’s answer to Captain America, Captain Britain first appeared in 1976, following the escapades of Brian Braddock, a shy and studious Essex boy. After Brian was seriously injured in an attack on the lab he worked in, Merlyn and his daughter Roma give Brain the choice between two magical artefacts, The Sword of Might or The Amulet of Right. After choosing the amulet. Braddock transforms into Captain Britain, and exists to uphold the laws and protect the safety of Britain.

Captain Britain 2

Across the comic’s run Captain Britain teamed up with other Marvel legends such as Spider-man and the X-Men, and became an Avenger alongside Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America. Captain Britain, although not one of Marvel’s best-selling superheros, was voted the 79th best superhero of all time by IGN, and 34th in their list of top 50 Avengers.


The annual itself collects seven issues of Captain Britain Weekly together in one edition, and was the only yearly annual produced for this character due to the relatively short run of this series.

Captain Britain 1

This annual is in excellent condition, with Marvel Masterwork Pin-Ups throughout of other characters such as Nick Fury and Doctor Strange, and is listed on our website for only £14.99!

We Now Have Kpop!

We have started to list kpop albums on our Oxfam Online shop! Here’s a very small selection of the albums we have available right now.

Seventeen – Boys Be Mini Album

This is, popular group, Seventeen’s second mini album. It is in excellent condition and comes with a poster and stickers!

Astro – Spring Up Mini Album

This is the debut mini album of rookie group Astro. We have 2 copies of this album so if one is gone, don’t worry, we have another. Both are listed on our store. They are both in excellent condition and each one comes with a postcard of Astro.

EXO – XOXO Repackage Album

This is the first repackaged album from one of the biggest kpop groups today, EXO. It is the Chinese version of the album and is on excellent condition.

This is just 3 of the many kpop albums we have up on our store. We have many more albums to put up on our store, for example, BTS, Shinee, Girls Generation, AOA, and much more! These will be going up gradually throughout the coming weeks.




25% Off Cafédirect


From today until the 12th of September Oxfam is offering 25% off Cafédirect coffee! Cafédirect was the first ever coffee brand in the UK to carry the Fairtrade mark. When buying Cafédirect coffee you will be helping Oxfam and farmers from 14 different countries.


Come into our store today to buy your coffee and help Oxfam!

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