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Zero waste zero fuss – 10 ways to reduce your waste

2018 has been all about reducing our waste and we’ve got just the thing for you to get involved too!

Our reusable cups are finally back in stock, all at £8.99! Oxfam have also started selling our plastics bags for 10p instead of 5p all in the bid to cut down on plastic waste!

We’ve also come up with 5 ways that you can  help reduce your waste:

  1. Carry a reusable water bottle/coffee cup – you can pick up one of our coffee cups for less than a tenner
    IMG_0345 (1).jpg
  2. Carry a fold-up reusable bag or tote bag for shopping – we have a range starting from £3.99
  3. Say no to single use plastic cutlery
  4. Say no to single use plastic straws
  5. Use eco-friendly cleaning products – we sell toilet roll, washing-up liquid, hand wash and laundry liquid with prices starting as low as £2.19
  6. Make a meal plan – the average UK family throws away 24 meals a month
  7. Shop more in charity shops – you can find everything from books to furniture
  8. Think before you throw – check whether rubbish can be recycled either at home or at a recycling bank
  9. Compost your food waste!
  10.  DONATE! You can donate your unwanted books, toys, clothes, DVDs, games, wedding dresses, mobile phones, soft furnishings and homeware!

To find out more about what you can donate check out the Oxfam website and to find out where you can donate check out our donation page here on the blog!



Feed a Family – 12th Day of Oxmas

On the final day of Oxmas, we’re sharing one of our Oxfam Unwrapped gifts.

By this time you’ve probably bought most of the trappings of your Christmas dinner, the mince pies are all bought, the sprouts in the fridge, and some chocolate coins on standby to stash in a stocking in a few days time. What this gift would allow you to do is not only feed your own family this Christmas, but also feed a family during a time of crisis.


For just £8 – a fraction of what most families will spend on food for the big day – your money will not only get a thoughtful last-minute gift for a loved one, but also pay for a food basket in a time of scarcity or upheaval for a family.



You can purchase this gift in our Low Petergate shop in York, or online here.

12 Days of Oxmas

New Oxfam Unwrapped Gifts

In store we’ve had some exciting new editions to our Oxfam Unwrapped gift range! If you haven’t already heard of Oxfam Unwrapped, they are donations that can be made in someone else’s name to a specific cause, making it a personal and impactful choice of present for a loved one.





A gift that quite literally keeps on giving, this gift buys a pig for a farmer which gives them so many avenues to sustain themselves and to start a business. Manure can be sold or used to fertilise other crops and piglets can be sold to other farmers to pay for food and schooling, making it a perfect gift for any philanthropic animal lover in your life.


Beat UK Poverty



Although Oxfam is known for helping fight poverty and hunger all over the world, we also provide aid to people right on our doorsteps here in the UK. This gift can help teach people new skills to help them find jobs, ease reliance on over-subscribed food banks, and fund action to push for measures to help fight inequality across Britain.


Combat Climate Change



Although climate change ultimately affects everyone on the planet, it’s affects are already pushing those in poverty into more desperate situations from rising tides, extreme weather, and temperature changes affecting food supplies and crops. This gift helps to teach people about more sustainable and environmentally friendly farming techniques, as well as funds lobbying governments to tackle climate change head on.


Fight Inequality



Inequality is a worldwide issue, from Europe to South America. While the rich get richer those in poverty struggle to afford food and shelter, either because jobs are too scarce or because the jobs they have pay criminally low wages. This gift will help to fund campaigners fighting to make the world a better and fairer place.


You can follow the links to purchase any of these gifts, as well as a huge range of others, from Oxfam’s online store, or they are available at our shop on Low Petergate.


Remember A Charity in Your Will Week

This week has been Remember A Charity in Your Will Week, a week where many organisations work together to raise awareness for this way to donate.

Despite the fact that around 25% of Britons donate to charity regularly during their lives, only 7% donate something to charity in their will.

This year, the focus of #rememberacharity is to ‘have your say on the world you want to pass on’. Giving to charity in your will is a little known but vital way that charities can fund their operations, and without such donations many charities today may not have existed at all.

Here at Oxfam, our aim is to fight poverty and its causes across the world. As well as giving emergency aid during disasters, we also create lasting solutions to injustice in over 90 countries. We tackle global warming, healthcare, gender equality, and world hunger, meaning that a donation to Oxfam will have a wide reach, and help to build a better world with lasting impact.

If you want to know more about donating to a charity in your will, or want to hear about our free will-writing offer, there’s plenty of information on the Oxfam website.


Donations Needed!


Although we love getting any donations at Oxfam Books, there are a few sections where we are running a little low. Here are a few kinds of books we’d love to receive:


Social Sciences


Whether it’s politics, anthropology, or sociology we’ll take them all off your hands and into the arms of our Social Sciences section.

Classic Literature


Did you struggle your way through the first hundred pages of Infinite Jest or felt like flinging Wuthering Heights against the wall? Fling them at our shop instead, and we can find your classics a home on a new bookshelf.




Got an obsession with Ancient Egypt or had a brief fling with Tudor history? Come in to donate your old volumes, and possible find a new time period to escape into in store.




As you can see we’re swimming in Shakespeare, but we also can appreciate piles of Pinter, bags of Beckett, and don’t mind wading through a bit of Wilde.



You won’t need to ponder the ethics of donating your old philosophy books to charity – it’s all to a good cause!




Don’t tie yourself in knots trying to think of a crafty way to get rid of your old books on knitting, donate them instead, and inspire someone else to take up a new hobby.

4 Reasons to Donate Your Books

Are your bookshelves bursting with no room for new reads? Have you had a spring clean and have a pile of books you no longer want? Maybe some Christmas gifts missed the spot and it’s time to move them onto a new home?

If the above describes your situation, you should consider donating your books to Oxfam! And here’s 4 reasons why…

  1. End poverty!

When you donate a book to us and we sell it on, the money we make from that sale goes towards helping our battle against global poverty. In the last 15 years, extreme poverty has been halved. With the help of your donations, we can work towards ending it for good.110316_1219_howtochange7

  1. Spread the joy of reading

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, which is especially true of books. If you haven’t enjoyed a book it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. By donating your books to us, we can make sure that someone who will give them a new home finds them. We can even put it on our online shop where anyone across the entire world can order shop.png

  1. It’s environmentally friendly

Donating books to us gives other people the opportunity to discover a book they love that hasn’t cost more trees. Plus, if we can’t find a book a new home, we move it on to specialist book recyclers so that it doesn’t just end up on a landfill site. 156695-131-ff89c9fa

  1. Clear up space on your shelves!

Once you’ve donated your books to us, there’s going to be some space on your bookshelves waiting to be filled! We have loads of high quality secondhand books in our shop waiting to inject new life into your bookshelves. Basically, you can kill two birds with one stone – come in and give us your old books, and take home some new ones to fill the gaps!shop.jpg

Oxfam currently makes £1.6 million a month in donated book sales but we want to do better! You can donate your unwanted books by coming into the shop and having a chat with one of our volunteers (you might even find your next read whilst you’re at it!) or by dropping your books off at the book bin in Sainsbury’s car park on Foss Island. If you have a particularly large amount of books, you can even phone us up on 01904 652749 and we can arrange a time to come and collect them.

Don’t forget you can gift aid your donations to help Oxfam even more than you are already!oxfam-gift-aid-2

This post was written by our volunteer Zoë, who also runs the book blog Readabilitea – go check that out too!


My Oxfam

My Oxfam is a simple way to keep up with everything Oxfam. All the information you need about your donations and what Oxfam is doing is on this app. The My Oxfam app keeps you in charge!


You can control how much you are donating, track your gift history, discover who is benefiting from your donations, control your gift aid, discover what Oxfam is doing around the world, and stay updated on Oxfam’s emergency appeals and how you can help with them.34202-myOxfam-app-hero

Find My Oxfam in the app store or google play by searching My Oxfam or follow the links below.

App Store

Google Play







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