On the 10th November we are celebrating the opening of our new ‘Geek Culture’ online shop! We will be re-opening from 18:30-20:00 and providing you with refreshments as well as the opportunity to buy items from our Oxfam Online Store.
Bring along any geek culture items you would like to donate, such as sci-fi/fantasy/horror books, comics, films, games, or memorabilia (we of course won’t be turning other things away!)

Oxfam Books Petergate’s Oxfam Online Shop (tinyurl.com/oxfamonlinepetergate) will be selling sci-fi, fantasy and horror books, comics, sci-fi/fantasy boxset and film DVDs, Anime DVDs, miniature wargames and RPG rulebooks, retro console games, seminal PC games and other things appealing to geeks in York and elsewhere.

Sam Gimes, a long-term volunteer expressed his enthusiasm: “I’ve been working on creating the online shop for two months, and I’m really excited about it finally launching! It will be good to see the result of my work.”

Shop manager Nick Smith declared: “This is a new way for the shop to make more money for Oxfam. With the refugee crisis, the crisis in Yemen and the Haiti Hurricane adding to the work Oxfam is involved in; there is more need than ever for Oxfam to gather funds.”