If you’ve visited our store over the last few weeks, you may have noticed our display dedicated to American author, Henry James.


Henry James (1843-1916) relocated to Europe as a young man, achieving British Citizenship in 1915, one year before his death. Many of his novels deal with the social interplay between Americans, Brits, and central European characters, in novels such as The Portrait of A Lady, The Ambassadors, and The Wings of the Dove. James was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature three times, in 1911, 1912, and 1916.


As well as some beautiful leather-bound and early hardcover editions perfect for any collectors shelves, we also have many paperback editions of James’ work, perfect for dipping your toe into his engaging and exciting novels.


You may have also heard radio play adaptations of some of James’ more famous works this summer on BBC Radio 4, showing how much his novels are still relevant and talked about today.

We’re also currently looking for more donations of classic literature in store – find out more here.