Are your bookshelves bursting with no room for new reads? Have you had a spring clean and have a pile of books you no longer want? Maybe some Christmas gifts missed the spot and it’s time to move them onto a new home?

If the above describes your situation, you should consider donating your books to Oxfam! And here’s 4 reasons why…

  1. End poverty!

When you donate a book to us and we sell it on, the money we make from that sale goes towards helping our battle against global poverty. In the last 15 years, extreme poverty has been halved. With the help of your donations, we can work towards ending it for good.110316_1219_howtochange7

  1. Spread the joy of reading

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, which is especially true of books. If you haven’t enjoyed a book it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. By donating your books to us, we can make sure that someone who will give them a new home finds them. We can even put it on our online shop where anyone across the entire world can order shop.png

  1. It’s environmentally friendly

Donating books to us gives other people the opportunity to discover a book they love that hasn’t cost more trees. Plus, if we can’t find a book a new home, we move it on to specialist book recyclers so that it doesn’t just end up on a landfill site. 156695-131-ff89c9fa

  1. Clear up space on your shelves!

Once you’ve donated your books to us, there’s going to be some space on your bookshelves waiting to be filled! We have loads of high quality secondhand books in our shop waiting to inject new life into your bookshelves. Basically, you can kill two birds with one stone – come in and give us your old books, and take home some new ones to fill the gaps!shop.jpg

Oxfam currently makes £1.6 million a month in donated book sales but we want to do better! You can donate your unwanted books by coming into the shop and having a chat with one of our volunteers (you might even find your next read whilst you’re at it!) or by dropping your books off at the book bin in Sainsbury’s car park on Foss Island. If you have a particularly large amount of books, you can even phone us up on 01904 652749 and we can arrange a time to come and collect them.

Don’t forget you can gift aid your donations to help Oxfam even more than you are already!oxfam-gift-aid-2

This post was written by our volunteer Zoë, who also runs the book blog Readabilitea – go check that out too!