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Though National Volunteers’ Week is officially over, we’re still incredibly grateful for all the hard work all our volunteers put in. Since we were given so many great responses last week, we’ll continue to intersperse volunteer profiles with regular blog posts. This week, we spoke to Holly about her dual role as a Volunteer Online Sales Assistant and Volunteer Shop Assistant.


What does being a volunteer at Oxfam mean to you?

For me, being a volunteer at Oxfam means being helpful, hard-working, creative and both team-spirited and independent in order to help those suffering from poverty and to deliver the best bookshop experience to customers.

What is the most enjoyable part of working at Oxfam Books Petergate?

I most enjoy working on the shop floor and speaking to customers about books, as well as browsing through the books myself.  I always spot exciting new additions to our stock when I come in.

What surprised you most when you became a volunteer at Oxfam?

I was surprised by the value of some of the books.  A book on Joyce’s Ulysses turned out to be worth £1000!  I was expecting to be dealing in very cheap things.  The generosity of some people is wonderful.

How would you describe your volunteer role at Oxfam in one sentence?

I process online orders, price books, work behind the till, tidy the shop floor, and in all, endeavour to do everything I’m asked to.  It is always an interesting, educational experience.