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For this edition of our National Volunteers’ Week focus, we spoke to Joan (not pictured above), who’s our Volunteer Assistant Manager.

What does being a volunteer at Oxfam mean to you?

Before I retired, I used to be a regular visitor to the Oxfam bookshop in Petergate and  I often wished I had the spare time to respond to the requests for volunteers which I saw there. So once I stopped work it was a top priority to try and get involved and I have never regretted it. It has provided me with a most interesting, stimulating and worthwhile way of spending my extra free time.

What is the most enjoyable part of working at Oxfam Books Petergate?

As a lifelong bookworm the most enjoyable aspect for me is still the excitement of seeing what gets donated, giving the books some TLC to get them ready for sale and seeing  them get sold! Customers are often equally excited and grateful  for what they discover in the shop.

What surprised you most when you became a volunteer at Oxfam?

One thing which struck me when I started  was  the diversity of the volunteers in the shop. Meeting and working with such  a varied bunch (as well as the donors and customers) has been another big plus for me.

How would you describe your volunteer role at Oxfam in one sentence?

Overall I see my role as working with the shop manager and the rest of the team to make the best possible use for Oxfam of the donations we receive and the resources of the shop.