Fairtrade Fortnight began yesterday, and we couldn’t be more excited here at Oxfam Petergate. Oxfam is proud to support Fairtrade products as part of our global work to end poverty and empower people.

This year we are focusing on the importance of Fairtrade products to helping women farmers, like Augustina in Ghana. In northern Ghana, women are often excluded from the chance to earn a living simply because they’re women. Yet, due to a simple beekeeping project which heps to produce honey, the women are fighting back, through the help of Fairtrade and Oxfam. We’re working with hundreds of local women farmers, including Augustina, by providing equipment and training to turn their determination into an income by producing honey. It’s challenging the traditional views and changing lives, not just of the women themselves but of their families too. “A few years ago I was unemployed
and life was stressful,” says Augustina. “We couldn’t buy the items we needed to send our children to school, like books, pens, and school uniforms. Now the story is different.” It is amazing that something so simple can have such a wide-ranging impact.

Until the 12th of March we will be celebrating everything Fairtrade,with 20% off all of our usual food and drink in store!