Yesterday the Jorvik Viking Festival Festival began in York, which means all things Viking and Anglo-Saxon are happening here! The Jorvik Viking Festival celebrates York’s Viking heritag, and this year will be focusing on the life of Eric Bloodaxe, featuring a fiery finale which will tell the story of the Battle of Stainmore and a huge Viking feast in the Merchant Adventurer’s Hall. The festival is always great fun and certainly a sight to see, particularly during half term! To find out more about the festival click here.

Here at Oxfam Petergate, we have lots for the Viking enthusiast. As you know, we have a large collection of comics, many featuring Marvel’s Thor, who of course is based on the Norse God of Thunder. We have lots of hidden gems and rare finds in our comic section, so it is worth looking around to find that one comic missing from your collection, or for those who just want to read some of the original comics. Perfect entertainment for half term. And for those truly dedicated fans, we have lots of prints from DC Comics and Marvel, including a spectacular one featuring Thor himself!

For those who prefer Viking history we have several books all about this period, such as Michael Wood’s In Search of the Dark Ages, the book accompaniment to his highly popular BBC TV series. An immensely popular book, Wood unravels various mysteries of this period to get to the heart of Dark Age Britain. We also have the 2014 and 2015 Antiquaries Journals from the Society of Antiquaries of London, which feature various discussions of interesting finds and an article on Hardown Hill, an Anglo-Saxon cemetery.

So whether you’ve a Marvel fan or the festival inspires you to find out more, we are ready for all you Vikings, and have a good festival!