It’s all too easy to forget what a miracle water is. With a water supply on tap, food can grow, and people can thrive.

If you have been about on Petergate in York and seen our wonderful window display, or seen our Facebook page or Twitter account, then you probably already know that we are currently fundraising for Water For All. Why? Because water is pretty incredible, even if we don’t always like it here in rainy old York. Oxfam’s work to provide clean, safe water helps to reduce child mortality rates, create healthier communities and provide essential facilities in emergencies. But providing water isn’t just about the short term, and the benefits don’t end with the clean water. With access to safe water people can start to grow food to eat and to sell, creating jobs and businesses, which builds an economy, leading to resources like schools and healthcare becoming more viable, and allows the whole community to move forward and build better lives for themselves. All this, from one well! Stories like Ipaishe’s (click here) and Brian’s (click here) shows the wider effects that Oxfam’s provision of water has, even allowing Ipaishe to own land for the first time.


There are loads of ways you can help! Come into the shop to buy an Oxfam Unwrapped gift, donate or, even better, help us fundraise. We have loads of information in store about how you can help fundraise, whether its by organising a bake sale, doing a sponsored swim or getting yourself soaked in exchange for donations. Feel free to come visit us for more information about what you can do to help provide the miracle of water!