The trouble with writing fiction is that it has to make sense, whereas real life doesn’t. 

This week our glass cabinet has been restocked, and features railways books and a directory of York from 1957, full of cool adverts. It also had, until yesterday, two signed Iain Banks novels, The Business and Against a Dark Background. Against a Dark Background has now been sold, which is fantastic as it has helped to provide clean water for 120 people!! So a huge thank you to the proud new owner.

We do still have The Business which is also a signed first edition! Delve into the world of The Business, an ancient and powerful multinational corporation, and follow Kate Thelman as she investigates theft and oversees the acquisition of a country. A combined love story, contemporary science fiction masterpiece and tale of discovery, this novel travels the world and explores issues central to modern life, from technology to the relationship between business and politics (perhaps particularly relevant in the wake of the Davos Conference).

The Business is in the Petergate store and on sale for £70 (that’s equal to giving 70 people clean water).