This post is part of the Twelve Days of Oxmas series which will run from the 1st to the 21st of December 2016. The series showcases some of the many Oxfam Unwrapped gifts, fair-trade products and books we have to offer in store and online. 

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On the tenth day of Oxmas my true love sent to me 

Safe water for ten people… 

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Safe water for ten people is one of our many Oxfam Unwrapped presents. The way it works is simple: you buy it for someone who, like you, would like to make the world a better place, and your money goes where it is most needed. In this case, it goes to providing safe water in different communities in need.


Find out more about Oxfam Unwrapped here and here.

This life-saving gift can bring clean water to 10 people! It could be for a family facing an emergency or for a community without a nearby supply. Oxfam’s water pipes, pumps and expertise help keep people healthy. They also cut the hours that women in particular have to spend fetching water – time better spent getting an education, earning a living or growing crops.

Here is an example of how your gift can make a difference:

Despite being the chief’s wife, life was never easy for Pumulo because her village lacked a supply of clean water. Pumulo Chikote and her family live in Koba in Zambia. It used to be her and the children’s job to fetch water three times a day. This gruelling task took almost five hours. And not only was the local pond miles away, but the water was dirty and regularly made the family ill with stomach pains and diarrhoea. It’s a different story today thanks to a water pump which has been installed in the village. Now that the community can access clean water, not only is everyone healthier but they have more time for earning a living, looking after the home or getting an education. “We consider ourselves lucky people, the water is clear and free from diseases. Since we’ve had it, no one has fallen sick, and for that we are happy. We no longer have to walk and the water is tasty.”


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…Nine copies of Playing for Pizza,
Eight Lands of Ice and Fire maps,
Seven Grow Your Own Trees,
Six copies of The Silkworm,
Five golden Piles of Poo!
Four Chalet School books,
Three pots of Swazi preserves,
Two Red Phone Box Books,
And a Winter Warming Kit for the refugees.

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