This post is part of the Twelve Days of Oxmas series which will run from the 1st to the 21st of December 2016. The series showcases some of the many Oxfam Unwrapped gifts, fair-trade products and books we have to offer in store and online. 

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On the third day of Oxmas my true love sent to me

Three pots of Swazi preserves… 

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An original and exotic gift for anyone who likes cooking or simply for someone wants to try something new!

In our shop you’ll be able to find these two different packs of Swazi preserves: a savoury range, including hot mango chutney, “Flaming Swazi Fire” spice mix and lime pickle, and a sweet range including lime marmelade, peach and ginger jam and ruby grapefruit marmelade.

Both packs come with a hand carved spoon!

Eswatini Kitchen was established in 1991 in home_img2Swaziland by Manzini Youth Care (MYC), an NGO supporting marginalized youth in the country. The main objective was to create employment for disadvantaged women, provide a market for small local farmers and rural families who harvested wild fruit. The profit generated was to be destined to fund Manzini Youth Care’s social programmes.

Within two years the project was breaking even and reaching its goal of employing disadvantaged women.


Nowadays, Eswatini Kitchen is a fair trade producer of natural gourmet food, certified by WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) and COFTA (Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa). They have grown from a small cottage industry to a thriving business that is enhancing the lives of underprivileged communities by providing a fair and sustainable income for over 300 people in Swaziland, and devoting all its proceeds to the Manzini Youth Care initiatives, which support more than 2000 marginalised children and young people in the country.

From Eswatini Kitchen’s website

So why not support Fair Trade, marginalised young people, disadvantaged women and your tastebuds and get this awesome gift in our shop right now?

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… Two Red Phone Box Books,
And a winter warming kit for the refugees

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