This post is part of the Twelve Days of Oxmas series which will run from the 1st to the 21st of December 2016. The series showcases some of the many Oxfam Unwrapped gifts, fair-trade products and books we have to offer in store and online. 

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On the second day of Oxmas my true love sent to me

Two Red Phone Box books… 

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It began as an experiment.

In 2011, Salomé Jones was a graduate student in London. She fell in love with the beautiful red telephone boxes she saw around the city. To her they were a place of magic. So she wrote a story set in and around one and put it up on her website, inviting writers to send in stories that connected to it in at least two ways. She began to get a lot of submissions, which she published on her site. Two years later, after a lot of work by Salome, Tim and numerous other writers and artists, Ghostwoods Books, then a fledgling company, published the book with the help of a successful Kickstarter. It was called Red Phone Box: A Darkly Magical Story Cycle.

From the Ghostwoods Books website

Sounds like an interesting concept doesn’t it? We’re really tempted to read it now… If you are too, or better, know someone who would be, come into our shop! We have a signed copy of the book!



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…And a winter warming kit for the refugees

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