Oxjam music festival takes place every October, and after 10 years it’s still going strong. Every year thousands of volunteers celebrate music in their local community by organising gigs in support of Oxfam GB. Oxjam reaches out to the music-loving people of the UK, to unite them with the shared goal of raising money to fight poverty and suffering.

Last week, we at Oxfam Petergate attended our local Oxjam music festival- and we filmed the whole thing! (Hover your mouse over the video and click the icon in the right hand corner for full screen).

Everyone was dancing, drinking, laughing, enjoying the music, and just generally having a great time. I often feel that in charity we spend a lot of time focusing on the dreadful things that are happening in the world- and that is essential, of course, in order to change things and stop these people from suffering. But it’s refreshing to see that impact that charity has not just by changing people’s lives, but also by bringing joy to ours.

If you’re interested in organising an Oxjam gig, or just generally want to know more about what the festival is, you can visit:

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I’d also just like to remind readers that Oxfam has several ongoing emergency appeals. If this video has inspired you to get more involved in the amazing work that Oxfam does, you can make a start by donating here:

  • Haiti Hurricane:
  • Yemen Crisis:
  • West Africa Crisis Appeal:
  • Ethiopia Food Crisis:
  • Syria Crisis:
  • Burundi Refugee Crisis:

You can also donate directly to any of these appeals by asking the cashier next time you’re purchasing anything from an Oxfam store.