Hurricane Matthew was one of the biggest storms recorded in the region and has caused the biggest humanitarian emergency in Haiti since the earthquake 6 years ago. 1.4m people or 12% of Haiti’s population need humanitarian assistance now. More than 2m people have been affected. Around three-quarters of a million people need food aid now.

There are parts of the country that are still inaccessible by road, because of damage. Oxfam is concerned that hunger and malnutrition will start to be serious issues in some parts of the southern peninsula. We are especially worried about cholera and that a renewed outbreak could spread quickly, because water infrastructure has been so damaged and people are now exposed to dirty and contaminated water. There have been more than one hundred new cases of suspected cholera, and six cholera treatments centres were hit by the storm. They need urgent repair before they can start being used again to treat people.

More than 170,000 people have been forced into 224 temporary camps. Many more people are living in damaged homes.

Lost harvests and continued flooding make those most affected vulnerable to a food and health crisis that needs to be prevented. Haiti’s West department (including the capital Port-au-Prince) is considered highly vulnerable due to its population density and high levels of poverty.


Oxfam teams are distributing aid in the south of the county, they are distributing hygiene items and water purification tablets to prevent diseases such as cholera or diarrhoea, and also construction materials. Oxfam is also repairing and installing water tanks. Oxfam has also contacted its partners and UN and government agencies at the national level in order to respond with due diligence and coordination to the aftermath.


Donating to the Haiti Hurricane appeal will help Oxfam save the lives of thousands of Haitians currently at risk of cholera or starvation. Please donate online via this link:


A small donation can go a long way. For every £1 donated:

  • 42p goes towards development work
  • 37p goes towards emergency response work
  • 3p goes towards campaigning for change
  • 10p goes towards support and running costs
  • 8p goes towards fundraising costs

As well as being able to donate online, you can donate directly to the Hurricane appeal in store. Just ask the Oxfam volunteer at the counter next time you visit us. You can also pay by credit or debit card by calling 0300 200 1300, or you can send a cheque payable to Oxfam to Oxfam House, John Smith Drive, OX4 2JY.

Haiti urgently needs your donations. Please remember that sending old clothes etc. can often hinder rather than help, as it can get in the way of distributing more urgent supplies like food, water and hygiene products.

Please, share on social media, join the campaign effort, volunteer and most importantly donate to the Haiti Hurricane appeal. Thank you.