You’d never have guessed it, but here at Oxfam Books Petergate, we loooove books. So when we see an article about the most amazing libraries in the world, we fall hook line and sinker for the click bait and take a look. We weren’t disappointed- some of these libraries are absolutely unreal, and just look at all those books! It’s enough to make any Oxfam Books volunteer smile.

The gorgeous library pictured above is the Library of El Escorial in Spain, a World Heritage site that currently holds over 40,000 volumes and is regarded as one of the best Renaissance libraries in the world. 

This picture is the library of the Dutch Parliament, and contains every record of parliamentary hearings and discussions. Maybe Oxfam Books Petergate should take some inspiration from those amazing stairs and jazz up our fire escape a bit?

This absolutely massive and hugely impressive building is the National Library of Brazil! It was constructed back in 1810 and has since become the largest library in Latin America and the 7th largest in the world. But I bet it doesn’t have a copy of the entire Twilight series, and we do, so who’s the real winner?

The library of Parliament in Canada is literally a Disney villain’s castle, but with books instead of poisoned apples and talking mirrors. The gothic structure is so iconic it’s even featured on the Canadian ten-dollar bill- and I kind of, definitely want to live there.

If you want to look at more amazing libraries, you can follow this link! But never forget, there are books closer to home at our Petergate store 💚