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Hello! I’m Sarah and I’m a social media intern at Oxfam Bookshop Petergate. I wanted my first post to briefly articulate why I wanted to work at Oxfam Bookshop Petergate, and what it’s like being part of Oxfam.


Book shops represent different things to different people. For me, visiting Oxfam Bookshop Petergate means taking the time out of my day to relax and treat myself to another crime thriller or Led Zeppelin CD. For my mum, it means scrambling to the non-fiction aisles on the prowl for another book about Vikings. For others, it’s a chance to escape the stress of the day and be surrounded by positive things- Fairtrade coffee, gifts, games, romance novels.

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Every time I’m at the shop I see something different. It could be a local history buff canvassing our York history section; a Marvel fan pouring over our comics; a businessman looking for something to read with his morning coffee. That’s the beauty of Oxfam Bookshops; they bring all these different people together and create joy in order to improve the lives of people living thousands of miles away. Whether it’s a refugee fleeing the crisis in Yemen, a child in need of clean water in Syria or Lebanon,  or a family in the South Sudan- you know that when you donate to Oxfam and buy at Oxfam Books, someone somewhere is going to benefit.


That was one of the reasons I wanted to volunteer here in the first place (that and the fact that I’m a massive nerd who has more books than friends). I’ll be posting to the blog every few days with updates about the shop, the books we have instore, and the latest local and Oxfam news. I hope you enjoy my posts because I’ll definitely enjoy getting to spend time at the shop and procrastinating my dissertation because I have books to read!

I’ll be posting shortly about our ongoing offer on Fairtrade coffee. Speak soon!