Stand As One

Oxfam’s new campaign asks the public to Stand As One with people forced to flee their homeswe-see-people-not-refugees-boat

Since 2011, more than 65 million people have been forced to flee their homes due to terrifying conflict and violence, and millions more by natural disaster and poverty. This is the most serious displacement crisis since the Second World War

These people, no different than you and me, have seen their lives destroyed by circumstances beyond their control. Many children are surviving on their own and some children have known nothing but conflict and poverty from the day they were born.

refugee girl

All these people have lost their homes, their jobs and their loved ones.

Often turned away from countries where they are asking safe refuge, they have been pushed into poverty by a situation they can do nothing about. Living in squalid conditions and facing hostility and abuse.

Too many governments are doing little to help or protect these people. At Oxfam, we want to make sure they have the safety, hope and life-saving help they need. Like you, like me, they have rights, and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.


The current refugee crisis has prompted the biggest humanitarian response in Oxfam’s history. Everyday we are helping with the immediate needs of people forced to flee, whether in Africa, the Middle East or in Europe.

This is a global crisis

Therefore, this summer, we’re asking the public to Stand As One with people forced to flee their homes.

Stand As One wants to push all countries to share responsibility for keeping refugees safe, supported, and together with their families.

In September, world leaders will meet for two days of summits on refugees- the first gatherings of their kind. On the second day President Obama will host world leaders, who will be expected to make specific commitments to new funding and to welcoming more people into their countries. It is our chance to support refugees worldwide – and demand world leaders act now to protect them.

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zaatari children

That is why Oxfam is appealing to you to join us this summer so we stand as one with people who are forced to flee and together demand that governments play their fair part in tackling the refugee crisis.

In the UK we’re pushing the government to play its part through an online petition

Please Sign the Stand As One petition and share the campaign on Twitter and Facebook with #StandAsOne.

Oxfam’s Stand As One video