Oxfam Gift Aid 3

Donating things to Oxfam is a great way to fight poverty, be it from your unwanted books to unwanted sheet music. But I bet what many of you didn’t know is that by doing one simple thing to your donations you could raise 25% more money for Oxfam thanks to Gift Aid.

Gift Aid works in accordance with the British government, allowing registered charities to acquire the tax back on an item donated by a British tax payer. In simple terms, this increases your donation, and the amount of money that goes towards fighting poverty across the globe.

Here at Oxfam we have a nifty little “Tag Your Bag” scheme, which allows you to Gift Aid your donated items whilst also automatically gaining Nectar Points! The extra money will allow us to help feed, protect, and provide safe water and sanitation to so many more people across the globe. The scheme itself is really simple, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up!

Oxfam Gift Aid 2

Either pick up a Gift Aid form in our Petergate shop, or head over to our “Tag Your Bag” page here to sign up online. As a thank you for signing up you’ll automatically receive 100 Nectar Points, and then a further 2 Nectar Points for every £1 you raise when your items are sold. Even if your items aren’t sold, we can still gain some money from reusing or recycling them. What’s more, you can also used your Nectar Points to further give back, by using them to purchase some of our Oxfam Unwrapped gifts for you or your loved one.

The “Tag Your Bag” scheme is one that benefits everyone, and most importantly, raises that little bit of extra money for much needed projects across the world, in our global fight against poverty.

So why not head over to our “Tag Your Bag” page now, and sign up?