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Browsing books can be a serious undertaking. Many often get lost gazing over our wide selection of books, both fiction and non-fiction. Naturally, once one resurfaces from their book hunting state, they are often hungry. But luckily our Petergate store has got you covered in this respect too.


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Founded in 2004, Zaytoun is a Palestinian fairtrade business that aims to bring organic produce to the UK. Working with small-scale farmers and the local communities they support, they pride themselves on helping those in poverty through trade rather than aid. Zaytoun is part of The Arab British Centre charity, which since its creation in 1997 has become an award winning, non-religious or political UK charity.

Featuring beautiful olive oils, dates and maftoul, the Zaytoun products in our Petergate store are sure to add a whole lot of flavour to your meals, whilst also being sustainable. For more information on this incredible brand, click here.


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Fun, delicious and with a variety of unique and unusual flavours, our GNAW chocolate bars are definitely what you need after a hour book shopping! Founded in 2011 in Norfolk, GNAW’s founders wanted to inject a bit of fun back into high quality chocolate. But that wasn’t all they wanted to do, and that is why they source their chocolate from fair-trade growers in West Africa and Brazil, checking that all production is fair and meets their high standards. They then use locally sourced ingredients from around the UK to mix and great the delicious flavours we see today, To top it all off, their chocolate also helps the plight of the Red Squirrels in England. Fairtrade chocolate, local Norfolk pride, environmental conservation and fun intriguing flavours, this chocolate seemingly has it all. For more information on GNAW and their work, or to see more of their products, please click here.


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Arguably a global-wide recognised brand, Divine’s chocolate goes one step further than fairtrade, and provides its farmers with company ownership, meaning that not only do they share Divine’s profit but have their own voice within the cocoa industry. Divine is a company with a big heart, who aim to truly make a difference to local farmer in Ghana’s lives, working with other charities and social business to extend their help. With more classic flavours, and a somewhat sophisticated look, Divine’s chocolate is for those wearier book hunters looking for a bit more decadence.

Grumpy Mule

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Grumpy Mule coffee care about great coffee, but they also care about the people who make it. With fairtrade coffee that is sustainably sourced, Grumpy Mule not only make sure that their coffee tastes great, but also that their farmers share in their success. Delicious coffee with a heart, perfect for those early morning book-hunting starts!