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If you caught one of our more recent posts about our instore stamp collection then you will know that here at Petergate we don’t just stock books. As well as a great collectible stamps for sale we also have a wealth of sheet music to offer from classical, blues and jazz to the instrument specific- we have it all.


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We have a wide range of classical sheet music to choose from, with books on the music of Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Handel. Along with featuring sheet music from these greats, we also have classical music based by instrument, with separate sections for wind, string, brass and piano.


As mentioned above, alongside our wide classical section, we also feature more contemporary sheet music, with music from “Rock Band 2” to a wide selection of Jazz and Blues music. Our sheet music range further covers a range of abilities, with books available for beginners, novices and the almost semi-professional.


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We are also lucky enough to have some slightly more specialist sheet music donated to us here at Petergate, with two recent donations being of particular interest. We were amazed to get a souvenir song album of some of the Beatles’ greatest hits, a great piece for anyone wishing to learn to play their songs or even just a lover of the sixties. With sheet music and images of the Beatles this is as much a item to look at as it is to utilise.

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Another piece recently donated that is as much to look at as to utilise is this Mendelssohn composition book. Ornate with thick pages and beautiful illustrations, this edition is certain to be a great present for any Mendelssohn lover!

As always, we would love to know if you purchase any of our sheet music, so please do let us know in the comments below! Alternatively send us a picture and tweet us @OxfamPetergate using the #LOVEBOOKS.