Oxfam Natioonal Volunteers Week

This years “National Volunteers Week” has had to be extended from the usual seven days, with this years event running from the 1st to the 12th of June. Honouring all our wonderful volunteers within our own Petergate store, and within all Oxfams stores up and down the country, Oxfam just want to say thank you, and to encourage others to take part!

Without volunteers our own Petergate shop wouldn’t be able to run. From shop volunteers, to drivers, to social media interns, volunteers are integral to the everyday running of our shop. We simply would not function without all our lovely volunteers. Called “The Big Celebration”, Oxfam really want to make our volunteers aware of just how grateful we are for all their hard work, and just how helpful and lovely they are. So to all our volunteers reading this post, thank you, thank you so much for all your help, and keep up the good work!

Although we have a great team, we are still looking for more helpers! We could always use more Saturday helpers in our shop, helping to run the shop floor, serve customers and generally make sure everything runs smoothly. For those of you who are regulars here on our blog, you may also remember a post from a few months ago where we were looking for a new driver? Well we are still looking! Ideally we’d love to have two new drivers, but are grateful for anyone willing to help us in our endless driver endeavours! For more details on what it means to be a driver for our Petergate store, check out our post about it here.

Finally, here’s one for all those University of York students out there. We are also currently on the hunt for some new social media interns to help manage our blog, Twitter and events calendar, to make sure our Petergate store and Oxfam’s work reaches as many people as possible. For more details ask in store or head over to the University’s career website.

We just wanted to say thank you again to our wonderful volunteers, and to keep your eyes peeled for the hundreds of events and celebrations happening up and down the country as part of our Big Celebration.