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One of our growing sections within our Petergate store has to be our Gender Studies section. Only a small shelf, over the coming months it has really grown into itself, and we’ve had some fascinating donations.Whether you are a huge Gloria Steinem fan, a women studies major, or are feeling increasingly empowered by the likes of Emma Watson and Taylor Swift, we’re sure to have a book for you.

Backlash- Susan Faludi:

Pulitzer prize winner’s 1991 book “Backlash: The Undeclared War Against Women” is a hard hitting expose against the backlash that many feminists felt in the 1980s. The book, which won the “National Books Critic Circle Award”, is definitely one not to be missed! Feminists were seen a radical, lesbians and career hungry women, and the domestic stay at home mum was still being idolised by the media. The media blamed the many problems affecting women throughout the decade as being a result of the women’s liberation movement. In her book, Faludi unpicks everything the media is saying, showing that they are twisting and distorting the truth somewhat. The career driven women wanting economic independence were merley written off as consumer centric, and self-determination was warped into something ugly and self-centred. Termed as a “classic of feminism”, this book is one for anyone interested in the history of feminism and its relation to feminism today. 

Oxfam- Gender Studies 2

The Origins of Modern Feminism- Jane Rendall:

This one is one for all of those wanting a crash course history lesson in modern feminism. Tracing modern feminism in Britain, France and the United States between 1780-1860, Rendall identifies the social, economic and cultural aspects affecting  them within their nations, and how this affected their ideas of feminism. With a strong Enlightenment emphasis this book is one for those with an interest in not just feminism, but on the history and lives of women and how they thought about and interacted within society at this time.

Oxfam- Gender Studies

800 Years of Women’s Letters- Olga Kenyon:

The first truly comprehensive study of women’s letters, Kenyon’s book dives into the wide variety of women issues experienced and preserved within the art of letter writing. From politics, war, sex and childhood, Kenyon’s anthology reveals the diversity of women’s thoughts throughout the ages, with prominent women such as Heloise, Queen Victoria and Virginia Woolf featuring within her pages.

Our collection has so much more to offer, so why not pop down to our Petergate store and have a browse? If you purchase any of our Gender Studies collection, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @OxfamPetergate using the hashtag #LOVEBOOKS