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Growing up, most of us will have been told, or enjoyed telling stories. From beautiful princesses and charming princes, to the fearsome dragon and the most gruesome troll who lived under our bed, we all had our favourites, and throughout the years we have seen these classic stories re-told and adapted before our very eyes, to the modern day Tim Burton movie and Philip Pullman collection.

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One such collection of stories, or fables to be precise, that many of us would have grown up  with were those of Aesop. Tales with a moral, Aesop was believed to have been a slave living in Ancient Greece between the years 620 and 564 BC.

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Re-told over the centuries, and translated into many languages, Aesop fables were told to adults and children alike, with such tales as “The Tortoise and the Hare” becoming immortalised in our everyday lives. Short, simple and often with a rhyme, it is very easy to see why Aesop’s fables have remained popular over the centuries.

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Here at our Petergate store we were lucky enough recently to have a gorgeous copy of these fables donated to us. Filled with beautiful typography and intricate woodcuts, its one for both adults and children alike, lovers of fables and of illustrations. Signed by both the illustrator, Atkinson-Willes and the translator James Sabben-Clare this book is a vital collector’s piece. That doesn’t mean, however, that it shouldn’t be loved and read by children and adults alike! Follow the link here for more details on how to purchase this wonderful piece, or head over to our ABE Site.

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