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When it comes to our online store, we have some pretty special things. One of those pretty special things is our selection of signed fiction, such as this wonderful copy of “A Memory of Light”. The final book in the Wheel of Time fantasy series, this would be a rather special book for a fan of the series, or author Robert Jordan, who died almost five years before the book was finally published. This being the last book in the series, and signed by Robert himself makes for a unique collector’s item.

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Another one of our signed books available online is Anne Rice’s “The Tale of the Body Thief”. A vampire series written before the times of Twilight, “The Tale of the body Thief” is the fourth book in a series all about vampires, conflicting feelings about vampiric nature and a fragile human friend. If you’d like to find more of our signed fiction books, head over to our ABE Books Online Shop or our Oxfam Online Store and get shopping!

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