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More often or not here at out York Petergate shop we get large donations of a certain genre or series of books, be it a collection of art books, a wide range of sci-fi novels, or half of the Horrible History series. Recently we had one such donation, a large collection of the “Conan the Barbarian” books. None of us in store quite realised how many Conan the Barbarian novels had beed released, but this wide selection of Robert Howard novels areĀ available in store for anyone who loves a fantasy genre.

Conan the Freebooter:

Our manager Nick’s favourite title from the collection, “Conan the Freebooter” features five short stories written by the creator and L. Camp, which follow Conan through the city-states of Shem. The stories follow Conan as a mercenary and later a soldier. Featuring Conan’s sword and sorcery talents, “Conan the Freebooter” is a classic for die-hard Conan fans.

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Conan the Magnificent:

Conan the Magnificent, written after creator Robert Howard’s death, follows Conan as he tries to repay his gambling debts before being apprehended by Tamira, a fellow thief. the story then follows various characters’ trials and endeavours as they try to kill a dragon owned by the evil Basraken Ismalla.

Conan of the Isles:

The story, published in 1968 follows a much older Conan in his mid-60s who is now King. After his lands are plagued by Red Shadows and unknown sorcery, Conan abdicates in favour of his son, and sets out on a tumultuous quest for justice and answers in order to find the origin of the sorcery and save his kingdom.

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Small, compact and full of fantastical tales, Conan the Barbarian novels are a fun and easy read. Providing a much needed break from real-life trials, Conan the Barbarian stories are a perfect escape from modern day life. Head into our Petergate shop to check out the rest of the collection, and don’t forget to tweet us @OxfamPetergate if you make any Conan purchases using the hashtag #LOVEBOOKS