As a branch of Oxfam, we at Petergate support Oxfam in their mission to help change the world, be it through water sanitation, the gift of a goat, or through helping refugees, Oxfam are there, attempting to make a difference.

Recently the world witnessed the extent of human suffering through the refugee crisis. It seemed as if every day our TV screens, newspapers and Twitter feeds were filled with images of those fleeing war torn countries, their perilous attempts to get into Europe, and their desperate attempts to reach somewhere they thought they’d be safe. Then those images seemed to disappear. There seemed to be no more refugees, no politicians making lofty claims and appeals, no suffering. Yet this wasn’t the case. It seemed as if the crisis had lessened, as if after a mass exodus from their war torn and dangerous homes they’d simply just stopped seeking refuge. This however, was not, and is still not the case. The media just turned its back on them. Without daily harrowing images, public speeches and urgent appeals it was as if it wasn’t happening, when really, these people need our help more than ever.

“In Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, we are providing life-saving clean water, sanitation and vital support for families who have lost everything”.

Oxfam, however, haven’t turned their backs on them, and they are asking you for help. They need your help to provide support for refugees in the countries of Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, along with European countries such as Italy, Macedonia, Serbia and Greece. Not only do these people need our help, but so do the countries they flee to. They need our help and support in order to take better care of, and provide for the many refugees seeking safety in their country.

“We are helping those arriving in Italy by providing food, clothes, shoes, and personal hygiene kits as well as longer term psychological and legal support. Here we are supporting asylum seekers to find accommodation, and with cash so that they can meet their basic needs”.

LEBANON: Within Lebanon Oxfam has helped over 250,000 vulnerable people by providing clean water along with sanitation and hygiene kits.

JORDAN: Within Jordan Oxfam are working closely with Jordan communities and the Za’atari refugee camp (which houses around 90,000 refugees) to provide clean water and sanitation along with promoting hygiene activities. 

SYRIA: Oxfam has been working in Syria since 2013, providing desperately needed clean water to over a million people in the war torn country. To date, the war has damaged around 35% of the country’s water treatment plants. 

“Ayad Abdullah’s family fled their home in Hama province, Syria after their village was attacked and much of it destroyed. In July 2015 Ayad had a heart attack. Oxfam helped to arrange his treatment and ensure UNHCR covered the full $5,000 cost of his treatment”.


“Oxfam is working with partners to support people arriving from a wide range of countries (Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Gambia, Mali, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bangladesh, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Somalia, Ivory Coast and Eritrea) – including women and children who have made the journey alone”. 

They are providing much needed legal support and living essentials along with language and vocational classes and psychological help. These are vital things need to help refugees reach safety and to make sure they have access to health and social services. Oxfam’s work has recently extended to Sicily, providing much needed legal and psychological support to the island’s refugees.

SERBIA: Within Serbia an immediate humanitarian response is needed to provide protection for the most vulnerable people (such as families and children) along with supplying drinking water, hygiene and health care. This is largely due to new government border restrictions, meaning more people are heading to the Balkans to seek refuge. 

For more information on Oxfam’s work in the Refugee Campus, and how to help, please follow the link here. To make a direct donation please follow the link here or head into our Petergate Shop, where we have a donation box by the till. 

Together we can make a difference.