Oxfam Vintage Books

Here at Petergate Oxfam we are lucky enough to get some fantastic donations, which means that when it comes to books we have a large variety on offer. It can be hard to know where to start, so in this mini-series we thought we’d try to aid you in your book searches by spotlighting some of the the great and interesting things we have in store.

First up its our Vintage Section, which usually features a wide selection of vintage copies of some of you favourite fiction and  classic, orange penguin copies. Recently, we also acquired some vintage Biggles books. Biggles was a series of books about a fictional pilot and adventurer, written by W. E. Johns from 1932 onwards. These books would be perfect for anyone wishing to reminisce about their childhood, or share it with their own children. The front covers are also just beautiful to have up on display around the house!

Oxfam Vintage Books 2

Another new donation we received to liven up our vintage section was some historic maps of England and Wales. Not only are they interesting to see how certain landmarks and areas have changed, but they make for beautiful displays both folded and unfolded.

This brief post just spotlights two of our new additions in our vintage section, but we have plenty more to offer, so please, feel free to pop on by to check out our collection, or even for a chat. We would love to know if you purchase any of our vintage books/maps, so don’t forget to leave a comment down below, or tweet us @OxfamPetergate