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Another week, another online book. If you are a fan of all things comics then this one’s for you, as this week we thought we’d spotlight some of our more unique comics that we sell on our online stores

Not only are comics full of wonderful artwork, but they also have some great storylines, and with the back to back releases of superhero films and TV series it seems like the world just can’t get enough of them. So what better way to jump on the superhero bandwagon than to purchase one of our more unique and interesting comics?

Judge Dredd:

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The ever popular and famous Judge Dredd, who has featured in countless video games and two films (Judge Dredd in 1995 and Dredd in 2012) started life out in a comic book. We here at Oxfam are lucky enough to have a Lobo/Judge Dredd comic in our online store, which you can purchase here. This comic is one for those who love justice and the future, with Judge Dredd acting as a hardened lawman in the futuristic dystopia of Mega-City One.

Les aventures de Scott et Hasting T.2 ; Rendez-vous a Dunmhor:

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Beautifully illustrated and somewhat Tintin esque, Les Aventures de Scott & Hasting is a large hard-backed French comic by classic French comic writer Marniquet. For more information on how to purchase this classic book, then click here.

Time Storm 2009-2099:

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Time-Storm is a limited series from the Marvel Universe, where in a four issue mini-series Jake Gallows is sent from the future to the present in an attempt to eliminate superhero. Instead he transports Spider-Man and Wolverine back to the future, thereby altering it. This comic is for those out there who love a more unique comic book story, and those who love a good old event series. Think The Defenders and Civil War. For more information on the edition itself, and our pricing, follow the link here.

Comic Book Artist Will Eisner:

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Not actually a comic book, this hardback celebrates the work of Will Eisner, arguably one of the most famous American cartoonists of his generation. Credited with coining the term “graphic novel” and a man who has his own award named after him, Eisner left a big legacy when it came to the world of cartoons. One of the characters you may recognise as Eisner’s work is that of DC Comic fame, Blackhawk, the iconic pilot who was co-created by  Eisner, along with the likes of Wonderman and Doll Man. Perhaps his most famous work is that of the comic series “The Spirit” featuring the masked crime fighter Denny Colt, who by day was a middle-class detective, and whose story was adapted into a 2008 film.

This book is for all of those who not only love comic books, but who also love the artwork that goes into them. If you fancy purchasing this book, or checking out the rest of our comics online, then click here.

There are plenty of more unique comics online for enthusiasts and comic book lovers alike to browse through, so why not head to our ABE Book Store or our Oxfam Online Store to discover what else we have on offer.

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