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You may have heard in the news about a small Yorkshire village recently coming up for sale, but what many people may not know is that this Yorkshire village is also a site of historical importance. One of the most excavated early Anglo-Saxon sites in the whole of England, dubbed “the village stuck in time” by the media, West Heslerton is truly an interesting place to behold.

Luckily for all of you out there interested in the village and its historic past, here at Petergate we are selling two volumes on the archaeological excavation of the Anglican Cemetery in West Heslerton, which you can find out more about here. The books themselves are in very good condition, and in archaeological terms are rather hard books to get hold of, so if you are studying archaeology, or are interested in the history of this historically significant village, then these could be the books for you!

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West Heslerton:

The village itself was solely owned by Miss Dawnay, an unmarried women who passed away in 2010. Following her death, her family have decided to sell the village, in arguably one of the most unique sales in England in the 21st century.

Unfortunately for those who live there, the sale of the village could open the gate to new development in the area. The village itself has remained largely unaltered in 50 years, and thanks to Miss Dawnay, families have been able to live there for a long time due to her low and controlled rents. The village, which is currently on sale for £20 million, has attracted large media attention due to its unique criteria, and features 43 homes, 2, 116 acres of land, a pub/restaurant, filling station, sports field and Miss Dawnay’s 21-bedroomed mansion.

West Heslerton

Archaeological Site:

During the 1970s, early Anglo-Saxon burials had been discovered by Jim Carter, a quarry worker, and over the next 25 years excavations began, which resulted in the discovery of over 200 Early Roman/Anglo-Saxon building traces, and led to a wider and deeper understanding of life at the time. The books for sale in our online store cover the story of this excavation and discusses the evidence discovered here, along with a more detailed catalogue of the Anglican graves in the second volume. Featuring a wealth of pictures and diagrams, these books would be a great pair to add to your collection, or to used for further study.

For more information on the excavation itself, follow the link provided here. For more information on the volumes for sale on our online stores, then please follow the link here or here, and if you happen to purchase the village, do let us know by tweeting us @OxfamPetergate !


Heslerton Church Photo Credit: Telegraph.