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Here at Oxfam Petergate HQ we have a fantastic team of volunteers who work hard behind the scenes (or behind the till) to make sure that our bookshop is both friendly and successful. From social media intern volunteers, to shop assistants and drivers, a myriad of jobs goes into the day to day running of our shop, jobs which are mostly done by our volunteers.

Currently Oxfam Petergate is looking for a new volunteer driver to help collect and deliver donations from houses and book banks to the shop, and we thought what better way to advertise the position than to have a chat with out current driver Roger!

Roger is currently our only volunteer driver, and is in charge of collecting all of the books donated at the 5 bins across the city and then transporting them to the shop to be sorted on the upper floors. The job can be fairly busy, particularly as Roger is currently the only driver, with the 5 bins being located in various supermarkets and car parks around the city.  Roger is also keen to state that as a driver for Oxfam you have to be able to lift heavy loads, for although there is a lift to help you transport the books to the second floor of the shop, lifting the book bags themselves can be quite heavy work due to the amount of books that get donated.

The job also requires a certain amount of time management, as the Petergate road is pedestrianised between the hours of 10:00-5:00, with the shop being open from 9:30 to 5:30, meaning that books can only be delivered directly to the shop door between the hours of 9:30-10:00 and 5:00-5:30.

Luckily for us, a new driver is about to start, Jim Gilmore, who will be officially meeting Roger on the 25th April, and helping him to deliver all the donated books to the Petergate store. Ideally though we’d like to expand the role of our delivery drivers, aiming to have them pick up books from people’s home, especially those who may not be able to get to a donation bin.

Rogers states of his job as a volunteer driver as a “pleasant thing to do, for a very useful organisation that needs the help”. The job is perfect for those “who want to help, and who are prepared to use their own car”. Something key to the operation, for although Oxfam offer 45p per mile for expenditure, we do not offer our own van to transport the books to and from the shop.

When asked if anything interesting had happened whilst he was picking up and delivering the books, Roger stated that they do receive a lot of Yellow Pages, one time having picked up around 100 copies from a donation bin! Otherwise, Roger just reiterated that the job was very pleasant, and a great way to help out Oxfam, even if it is just for half a day a week. But just make sure that you are fit enough to carry the books, and are able to lift the donation bags (which are usually in lots of Sainsbury’s bags for life!)

If you are interested in becoming our new volunteer driver, and working with Roger and Jim, then feel free to pop into the shop and speak to us about the role, or contact us via email at oxfamshopf0608@oxfam.org.uk, or ring us on 01904652749.

Main Job Role as Driver:

  • Collect donations from donor’s home
  • Empty our book banks located around York
  • Deliver these donations to the shop
  • Milage expenses are paid for


Shop Assistant:

As well as a driver, Oxfam Petergate is also looking for some new volunteer shop assistants to help serve and assist our customers as well as sorting, reasserting and pricing donated books. Full training is provided and positions are available on various days including the weekend. So if you are looking for some volunteer work, love books and the Oxfam charity, or just enjoy helping and chatting to people then do not hesitate to pop into our Petergate store to discuss the role with us. You may also email us at oxfamshopf0608@oxfam.org.uk or ring us on 01904652749.

Goodramgate Shop Manager:

Lastly (although not a role at our Petergate shop) one of our sister stores, Oxfam Goodramgate, is looking for full-time shop manager to be responsible for the day to day running of their store, coordinate and supervise volunteer staff and manage stock, display and the shop budget. This position is open ended, around 36 hours per week and pays £18, 690. If you wish to know more details about this position then head over to http://www.jobs.oxfam.org.uk and quote the reference code: TRD0742. The closing date for this role is on the 22 April 2016.