You probably already know that our Petergate store has a wide selection of books, from sci-fi, to history, to crime. But what you may not know is that we also have a couple of online shops. These online shops are perfect for those of you who maybe can’t get to our stores during opening hours, or who prefer to shop from the comfort of their own home.



Our ABE Books online store provides you with easy access to our wide variety of stock. Broken down into navigable categories, such as our popular “Antiques and Collectible” catalog, ABE Book features a selection of more specialist books that you may not find in our Petergate store. Our ABE Books store is also particularly useful if you have a specific item in mind, as the site provides you not only with navigable catalogs and categories, but navigation bars where you may specify by author, title of keywords. Highlights from our ABE collection include a book on Czech, Moravian and Slovak Fairy Tales, a copy of Notre-Dame De Paris by Victor Hugo published in 1872 and an audio book of poems by W.B. Yeats. This is not all that we have to offer, so if you fancy exploring our variety of genres, then click on this link here, or go to abebooks.co.uk and search for Oxfam Bookshop- York.



If you go to oxfam.org.uk you will also find our online store, which hosts over 200 interesting and beautiful books. With an easy navigational system where you can search via price category, and order your search by relevance or price. Further featuring more specialists books among more general works of fiction and non-fiction, our online store with Oxfam features crisp images so you can easily seethe condition of the books you wish to purchase, along with their often  intriguing cover art. With books ranging from £5 to £200 you’re sure to find something that catches your eye, and adheres to your budget. Highlights include a variety of books on Egyptian history and medicine, an array of French literature and a vintage copy of the works of Virgil. If you wish to browse our online store with Oxfam, then please click here, or go to oxfam.org.uk, and under the Shop Finder type in Oxfam Petergate and follow the link to our information page.

Of course, our local Petergate store is also still open and continually housing new stock, with our vintage sci-fi and comic book collections being well worth the visit, even if it is just to look at their artwork.