Every year’s the same. You start out with good intentions; with plans to send out all Christmas cards by December 2nd, and have all Christmas shopping done by December 3rd. It’s a noble dream. But alas, life gets in the way – as it so often does with noble dreams.

There’s now just one week to go until the Big Day and you’re in a flap. Your next-door neighbour from twelve years ago has sent you a card and now you frantically need to send one back. Your partner’s cousin has announced that they’re bringing all three of their children for Boxing Day lunch, and now you desperately need to find something to give the little darlings. And that co-worker who hands you tissues when you’re crying at your desk bought you a really lovely gift and now you need to get her something equally lovely in return. It’s bedlam, and you’re stressed, and you’re having nightmares about Jamie Oliver standing over you while you try (and fail) to prepare a turkey the size of a small horse. This is last minute Christmas madness at its finest.

Thankfully, Oxfam Books on Petergate has got you covered.

Beautiful Christmas cards? Check. Stocking fillers for the plethora of children descending upon your home? Check. Thoughtful and lovely gifts for the ones you really care about? Check.

In fact, we’ve got just about everything you could possibly need to make sure that this Christmas goes down a treat. Our stunning packs of Christmas cards, for example, are just 99p and are perfect for last minute additions to the ever-growing list.

Similarly, Oxfam Unwrapped has a range of brilliant charity gifts that show someone you care whilst helping real people in need. Or if you’re looking for something more material to give a loved one this year, we have a shop full of beautiful books for  you to choose from. The options really are endless.

To see exactly what we have to offer this Christmas, pop into the store on Petergate. We can promise you won’t be disappointed!

Let us know in the comments what you’re doing this Christmas. And if you buy any of our Christmas items, tweet us a photo @OxfamPetergate!