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Did you know that the majority of people living in poverty are women? Globally, they have fewer resources, fewer rights, and fewer opportunities.

But we all know that women are strong, powerful, and capable of amazing things. They just need to be given the opportunities. Oxfam is committed the helping women claim their rights, unlock their potential through education and systematic change, and helping women with their specific issues during times of crisis.

The Girl Power gift can help achieve all of this. For just £12 you could help empower women to stand up for their rights, tackle issues like domestic violence and make a big impact as business and community leaders.

Sudha Khare (Centre, Samarpan) and Kamla (to right) singing songs and chanting slogans at the start of their rally in Biona Ranja village. Kamla - “My land is in my own name. We didn’t used to have this right but we realised this is our entitlement. We used to talk about this together, and the fact that we are doing everything but still we get beaten by our husbands. We are servants in every way. But what are they giving us? We don’t have land. We don’t have a name. We don’t have any recognition. In place of all these sacrifices all we get is violence. We started talking about this to our husbands, and to others in our village, about the fact that we were not recognised as owning land. Now, today, there are around 10 women who now own their own land. When my husband was alive the land was in his name. When he died it was assumed that it would be passed into the name of my son. But the person responsible for re-distributing the land said ‘no, things have changed. Your son will get 50% of the land in his name and so will you.’ Sudha Khare (Samarpan – Women’s Organiser)“We would have loved you to have spend more time with Parmarth and Samarpan to see how women and talking to other women, and taking their ideas from village to village. When I started in this work women used to discuss things together within their houses, and now this is happening at a community level, in the open. Grandmothers, mothers, daughters, carers, and farmers - women are donning turbans, climbing onto bullock carts, and calling people to rallies in which they demand their right to be recognised for the work that they do. We see mobilisation activities in the village of Biona Ranja, and then accompany the women to a bigger torchlight rally in Konch. Samarpan Jan Kalayan Samiti is an NGO based in Konch, Uttar Pradesh, in a region of North India that is also called Bundelkhand. Samarpan has worked interior areas of Jalaun District since 1995, focussing on mobilising and

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