Last week on the blog, we talked about the wonderful selection of Christmas cards we have on offer at Oxfam. But did you know we have other Christmas bits and bobs to see you through the holiday season?

Take, for example, our brilliant range of table decor. Now, you might not dedicate much time to thinking about how your Christmas table will look – you’re probably too busy worrying about how on earth you’re going to fill it with enough food to fill the whole family plus all the extras that will inevitably turn up. But a well thought-out Christmas table can add an air of togetherness and sophistication to your festive celebrations. You might feel like a hot-mess, but your table will shout ‘This person has got their life together’. Or at least it would if inanimate objects could shout.

Start with this gorgeous Christmas tablecloth for just £6 – suitable for most dining tables!


Then why not opt for the matching napkins, perfect for a buffet tea when there’s too many of you to sit down.


No Christmas would be complete without crackers! If you’ve got a lot of children around at Christmas, why not opt for these delightful miniature crackers instead?


And to top it all off, check out this lovely cake tin and matching stand to show off your scrumptious Christmas cake!


All of these items are available in store, so why not come down to Oxfam Books, Petergate and pick up some festive table decorations today. And you never know, while you’re here you might just stumble across the perfect book to give a loved one this Christmas!