We’re well and truly approaching the Christmas season now – that time of year when gift giving is at the forefront of everybody’s minds. If gift giving is starting to infiltrate your every thought, and if you want some different, ethical gifts for your loved ones this year, then Oxfam Unwrapped is for you.

Oxfam UnwrappedYou can read more about Oxfam Unwrapped and how it works here, but today we want to focus on the important bit: how your money actually helps people in need.

Since its inception in 2004, Oxfam Unwrapped has raised tens of millions of pounds for communities in need. Yes, that’s right – tens of millions of pounds. But where have those tens of millions of pounds gone?

Well, it goes towards solving some of the most pressing global issues. For example, across the world millions of people don’t have access to safe water. In Cambodia alone there are over 6 million people without access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s clearly a problem.

But the money from Oxfam Unwrapped – your money – can change this. For instance, using the money from Unwrapped presents like Safe Water for 10 People, Oxfam set up an innovative water station in the Cambodian village of Prei Preal Khor. The station uses solar powered pumps to draw water from nearby wells and push it through several sand filters. The clean water is then bottled and sold to the locals, allowing them to avoid deadly diseases like typhoid.

Similarly, the iconic Unwrapped gift of the goat helps farmers in poverty diversify and survive during times of drought and poor harvests. Unwrapped helps fund Oxfam’s ‘Goat pass-it-on scheme’, whereby a family is provided with a goat, and then the first born kid from that goat is given to another family in need.

As you can see, your support of Oxfam Unwrapped is allowing vital work to be carried out in communities that desperately need help. So this Christmas, why not forgo the usual socks and chocolates and give a great gift that can truly change lives.

All Oxfam Unwrapped gifts can be purchased in store. Come in, have a browse, buy a gift, and change a life!