October is drawing to a close which can only mean one thing – Christmas is coming. Well, it’s coming in 63 days. Which might sound like a long time, but boy will those days fly by quickly.

If the thought of Christmas shopping is enough to make your stomach turn, then have no fear. Oxfam are here to help. The difficult aunt who always returns whatever you buy? Sorted. The mother who insists that no, really, she doesn’t need any more material possessions? We’ve got it. The wonderful teacher who desperately needs thanking for all their hard work? Not a problem. Oxfam has got you covered.

‘But how?’ I hear you metaphorically cry! Well, the answer is simple. The answer is Oxfam Unwrapped.

One of the many gifts Oxfam Unwrapped has to offer
One of the many gifts Oxfam Unwrapped has to offer

Oxfam Unwrapped is the ultimate gift – it is the gift of giving. There are 31 virtual charity gifts to choose from, and the process couldn’t be simpler. You buy a gift – for example, a goat, or school supplies, or clean water – the recipient gets a card, and a community in need benefits. No more unwanted socks or materialistic guilt. Oxfam Unwrapped is the best solution to all your Christmas present dilemmas.

What’s more, there are gifts for every occasion and every person. Gifts start from as little as just £5, so they’re perfect for all those Secret Santa groups; and there’s such a variety of gifts that animal lovers, parents, and gardeners alike can be satisfied.

The full range of presents can be found in store, so why not come in, get your Christmas shopping sorted early, and help communities in need across the globe. And while you’re at it, why not buy a book too to reward yourself for being so organised.