In light of recent events regarding the devastating Nepal earthquake, it is necessary to highlight the emergency response played by Oxfam. Such disasters, despite any methods that may be undertaken, cannot be fully prevented. There will always be some level of damage whether it is structurally or physically; it will affect people’s lives.

Therefore with the devastation caused by the earthquake in Nepal, Oxfam immediately undertook an emergency response to provide relief. The earthquake has affected about 8 million people in different ways with the death toll and injuries devastatingly high and continuing to rise. Oxfam as one of the charities helping the crisis aims to help at least 350,000 people in their time of need. The aims are to provide clean water, emergency food and sanitation to help people who are homeless or too afraid to return home due to the vast structural damage. Oxfam is currently working with other agencies in Nepal to provide water and sanitation to those affected and has already began work in four camps delivering clean water and toilets.

However, Oxfam cannot meet such aims without help from generous people who watch the devastation on their television screens, never imagining it would or could happen to them. Nepal, like many countries affected by such disasters is one of the world’s poorest countries and therefore does not have the infrastructure and resources to deal with a crisis of such a magnitude. People in richer countries such as Britain often take such economic and social security for granted.

You can easily make a difference by donating too Oxfam, no matter how big or small, it will all help the people of Nepal in desperate need of aid. Donations will go towards providing clean water supplies, sanitation, medical supplies and shelter to help many people affected in different ways by the earthquake. Therefore you would be contributing to the disaster relief by helping decrease the effects of the crisis and helping the people desperately in need of assistance.

Unfortunately such disasters are not uncommon; they happen all too regularly, filling newspaper headlines and our television screens. With such disasters Oxfam deploys a quick emergency response to help provide short-term disaster relief as well as to develop communities to help people in the long-term as well. However Oxfam needs your help to meet such aims and to help reduce the level of poverty that is still experienced in many corners of the globe.

If you want to find out any more information on the Nepal crisis particularly and how to donate or how Oxfam helps such natural disasters, visit the Oxfam website.

Featured image courtesy of Dhilung Kirat