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In the spirit of half term, we have chosen a children’s book as our Book of the Week.

Fans of Terry Pratchett’s acclaimed Discworld novels will have met Sam Vimes before, in Thud!, Pratchett’s 34th Discworld novel, in which he is placed in charge of the investigation into the death of a dwarven demagogue, Grag Hamcrusher (no, I’m not 100% sure what that means either…). A side note in the book mentions that Vimes will always get home to read his son a story in the evening. And here is the story.

A parody on the traditional layout of a children’s book, this one follows Vimes as he attempts to adapt his son’s favourite book, Where’s My Cow? into something more relevant to his young life. He decides that it is silly to teach a boy growing up in a city about farmyard animals and that, in any case, the suggested method for finding the cow is rather inefficient (rather than asking every animal if it is a cow, it is much more reasonable to report the missing cow to the City Watch, who will “swing into action with keenness and speed”).

This book is guaranteed fun for children and adults alike, with Melvyn Grant’s vivid illustrations bringing the story to life and plenty of opportunities to pull silly faces and make funny noises.

For this and many more children’s books for all ages and abilities, to keep them quiet this week, pop into the shop and have a browse in our children’s corner.