This week we received a very exciting donation: a 1st edition, hardback copy of For Your Eyes Only by Ian Fleming, published by Jonathon Cape in 1960. This is the eighth book in the James Bond series and contains five short stories:
– From a View to Kill
– For Your Eyes Only
– Quantum of Solace
– Risico
– The Hildebrand Rarity
Not only do these tales capture Fleming’s unique talent for intrigue and adventure, the book itself is fascinating and we are very lucky to have been given it.
21,712 copies were published and the jacket, designed by Richard Chopping, is famously the only one to depict Bond, albeit only his eye.
For Your Eyes Only cover
The red lettering on the front and spine of the book are notoriously fragile and, while that on the spine has faded, the lettering on the front, and on two pages inside, is clear and bright.
For Your Eyes Only binding
The binding is also a thing of beauty, with an image of an eye embossed on the front and gild blocking on the spine of the book.
For Your Eyes Only back
Fleming’s Bond books are very popular with collectors and to be truly collectible, a first edition Bond novel needs to be in its original dust jacket. For most of the books it is easy to tell a first edition jacket as it won’t bear any self-referential quotations from critics.
For Your Eyes Only title page inscription
Overall this book is in fantastic condition, a fact made even more impressive when one notices how well loved this book seems to have been. The previous owner has written an inscription on title page and any wear and tear to the dust jacket can be safely attributed to frequent re-reading and normal aging.
For more information, or if you would like to purchase this book, please visit our eBay page.