It’s been a long, busy summer here at Oxfam Books, which has seen our blog take a two month hiatus. With winter hot on our heels, we’ve finally found time to get back in the blogosphere, and we’re starting by recruiting some new members to join our team (we’re friendly, we promise!).

Although we always welcome new volunteers here at Oxfam Books Petergate, this time we also have some more specific roles opening up in the shop that offer diverse experience with a range of really great transferable skills, and only require a few hours a week of your time!

We’re looking for a few volunteers to help us with the online side of our business, so recruiting online sales volunteers is first on the list of new roles! Developing the online business could involve researching book prices, assisting in photographing items for selling and managing the sales of these items through websites such as eBay and Abe Books. Online sales play a huge role in our shop and volunteering just four hours a week can make a huge difference to eradicating poverty, as well as giving you the chance to really expand your skills. You don’t need to have a business degree to help us with this side of the shop, or even have direct experience – a strong, savvy mind will do us just fine!

We’re also in need of volunteers to offer four hours a week of their time to spend at the shop, whether that be stocking books, selling books or helping run the social media side of Oxfam Books. Volunteering here is varied and exciting – and we even throw in a tea-break every so often!

Oxfam are dedicated to raising money to end poverty, and volunteering for just a few hours a week really contributes towards this. We rely on our dedicated volunteers to keep us running smoothly, so if you’re interested in assisting with our online sales or in the shop, we’d love to hear from you! Pop into the shop for a chat, fill out a volunteer form online here or send us an email:


Tel: 01904 652749