This weekend, an epic endurance test will ensue in Sussex’s South Downs National Park. Trailwalker 2013 is a 100km challenge across the South Downs Way. The walk has to be completed within 30 hours.  Orginally a training exercise for Gurkhas, the walk started 31 years ago and it was only 11 years ago when it became open to the public. The Queens Gurkha Signals Regiment (QGS) partnered with Oxfam in 2002, enabling the endurance challenge to help raise millions of pounds for humanitarian projects around the world, as well as for the Gurkha Welfare Service. The walk is a mental challenge as much as a physical one, and while applications for undertaking the 2013 walk are now closed, volunteer positions are still available. Starting at Queen Elizabeth County Park, Petersfield, there are nine checkpoints where enthusiastic volunteers will be stationed to aid the walkers with everything from moral support and cups of tea to physiotherapy, blister plasters and foot massages. There is over 2,000 people entered into the walk and volunteer support is trailwalker volunteersinvaluable to all the teams. Oxfam reimburse travel expenses up to £60 for all volunteers and it is an excellent opportunity to help out, have loads of fun with friends, or meet new, like-minded people. Click here to sign up. 

If you’re not free this weekend, there are still so many diverse opportunities to give your time to at Oxfam. It’s not just fundraising or helping out at your local shop. There are always exciting and fun one-off events like Trailwalkers. It might be just what you are looking for if you are not able to give your time regularly but are looking for a way to help. A great way of keeping up to date with our event opportunities is joining the dedicated Oxfam events facebook page here.

Not free on the weekends, or fancy gaining some office experience? Another option are the volunteer internships available at one of Oxfam’s regional offices. This is a really exciting opportunity to gain experience of how a large organisation runs and to see things from a different perspective. It needn’t be said that it looks great on a C.V., too. They are usually 2-3 days a week for a period of anything from 3 to 12 months, still making it viable to work elsewhere at the same time. Some internships currently being featured include a Public Relations Intern in London, Research Intern in Oxford and a Public Engagement Intern in Bristol. Why not give it a go and apply? You never know what might come of it.