By now many of you may have read about our upcycled Christmas ‘tree’, and hopefully you’ve had the chance to pop into the shop to see it in person.

But our tree isn’t just there to look pretty and festive; it’s now the focus of our exciting Christmas competition! Starting tomorrow, we’ll be running a competition in the shop that will cost £1 to enter, and when the winner is drawn on 22nd December, they will receive a prize of £10 to spend on anything in the shop!

The competition is simple: just come in, have a look at our Christmas book tree and then guess how many books are in it! It couldn’t be easier!

We’ve set an entry price of £1 because we’re raising money to provide school supplies in countries where they are needed most. All 0f the proceeds raised from this competition will go towards school supplies.

The school supplies gift provides teachers and students with everything they need to make the most of their school day – from basic stationary such as pens and paper, to more expensive classroom equipment like books and occasionally even typewriters! These supplies help to give students the materials they need to succeed in school, and the supplies such as typewriters allow students to gain vocational skills that they can use in the future.

If you’re in town on Saturday, swing on by to Oxfam Books Petergate and enter the competition – you might be the lucky person who wins £10 to spend in our shop, and you’ll also be supporting a really great cause this Christmas.

To find out a bit more about the school supplies gift, have a look on here.

Featured image courtesy of Caroline