Since launching our Christmas card range earlier this month and starting to get into the holiday spirit, we wanted to create something extra special to complete our Christmas window display. Our lovely weekend volunteers came into the shop on Saturday morning and set about creating a masterpiece – and this is the finished product!

Made entirely with second hand books and the festive decorations made from recycled sheet music, this is our ‘Christmas tree’. We think it’s pretty brilliant.

We’re particularly pleased with our centerpiece, which is also made from recycled sheet music.

The decorations are of course being sold behind the till for anyone who wants to have a go recreating the tree at home – and we’re hoping to sell the centerpiece and the books eventually too! (Watch this space in the weeks coming up to Christmas…)

This really is upcycling at its best – using second hand, recycled products to create something fantastic.

We love our book tree. Thanks to our inventive volunteers we’ve really added something special to our Christmas window display this year. If you haven’t had chance to see it yet, drop by the shop – it looks even more impressive up close!