Long-life learning
Long-life learning

At Oxfam Books on Petergate inYork we always have a donation tin beside our till. It’s where all the regular donations, spare change and loose pennies go, generously given by the people ofYork.  Regular tin donations are emptied weekly and your contributions go directly towards Oxfam’s global campaigns, such as theWest Africafood crisis, which is currently where our donations are being used to provide Oxfam support in the region.

We now have two tins, because we at Petergate have started our own local campaign in the shop. We now have a second tin beside our till, which we’re calling our ‘Long-life learning tin’. We are going to spend all the donations from this tin on supporting Oxfam’s educational project such as ‘Long-life learning’ through Oxfam unwrapped.

Oxfam unwrapped gifts help to change the lives of people living in a poor community. These ethical gifts give poor communities worldwide the resources they most need to sustain themselves, such as agricultural tools, health care and an education. Here at Oxfam Books we want to raise money to ensure education is provided where it is needed most. Money donated to our Long-life learning tin will allow us to buy Long-life education gifts so we can help to fund school projects around the world.

We’ll still have our regular tin at the till as normal, but the Long-life learning tin will be sitting alongside it. So next time you’re passing by Oxfam Books, why not pop in and spare a few pennies and help us to turn your donations into education.

For more information about Long-life learning click here.