While the holiday season is over, giving (or donating) continues throughout the year. We’ve enjoyed a very busy past few weeks and appreciate all of the support, but what this means now is that our shelves are thinning.

Making donations to our shop is simple: Bring in during opening hours the books, cds, and dvds that you have already enjoyed (maybe even some you haven’t liked so much), and we will resell them. To make things even easier, we also make house collections. If you have more books than you would be able to carry all the way to Petergate, we are more than happy to come to you. Just give us your details when you come in the shop or else give us a call at 01904 652749. The donation process and what happens after we receive your items is expained on the Oxfam website here.

The money we raise from reselling the books you have graciously donated goes directly towards Oxfam’s global fight against poverty. So that Jasper Fforde novel you finished over the holidays or the children’s sticker book of ‘extreme’ deep sea fish that your father gave you as a joke (both true on my account) can translate into clean drinking water or a health check for a child. You may be thinking about how you might not need, say, all 13 of the published Wheel of Time books, and all over the world there are poor communities that will benefit as a result of such donations. Beyond assisting the development of impoverished communities, Oxfam is constantly active in disaster relief efforts across the globe as well as campaigns for change for those who are underrepresented or undervalued. Christmas may have come and gone, but our service never stops.

So please take the time to consider donating to our shop your used books, cds, and dvds that you think someone else may like.